Jewish public servant wins anti-Semitism case -

Jewish public servant wins anti-Semitism case

Bureaucrat targeted in vile anonymous messages


A federal adjudicator has found that a Jewish bureaucrat was discriminated against by co-workers in the Ottawa headquarters of Passport Canada. Valery LaBranche, who converted to Judaism in 1997, was seconded to the passport agency from Foreign Affairs and International Trade in Oct. 2005 to head up a project on security among Canada, the U.S. and Mexico. Her informal arrangement with her boss that she could leave early for the Jewish sabbath on Fridays and take time off for Jewish holidays apparently sparked ugly incidents. Among messages sent to LaBranche’s superiors, one called her a “Mossad agent” and another read “the Jew sucks your blood.” She took her case to the Public Service Labour Relations Board, whose adjudicator ruled that LaBranche’s managers did little or nothing to protect her from traumatizing treatment.

Ottawa Citizen

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Jewish public servant wins anti-Semitism case

  1. This is insane

  2. Traumatizing?

  3. Employers are legally obligated to deal with harassment; especially when it is based on "prohibited grounds". If they don't, they can be held liable. Though, I'm not sure how this is news. An employer made a poor decision, and an adjudicator (commonly used to avoid court costs) made a ruling. There isn't anything abnormal about it.

    • I would like to believe that rampant anti-semitism in the Canadian government is abnormal

      • Government employees are people, just like the rest of us. Unfortunately, this kind of thing happens all the time. Its just less likely to happen in the public sector because government employees are better able to fight for their rights than private sector workers.

      • and i would think it is abnormal. but i am not sure how it is more or less newsworthy than cases of harassment based on any other prohibited grounds.

      • Pardon me? Canada is a land of WWII criminals, Islamic fundamentalists, etc…
        Jew-hatred is normal way of life in O'Canada.
        So who is insane?
        A for ms. Valery LaBranche:
        dear, you jewish ansestors had gone thru so much hardship to give you a normal christian life and look what have you done. Unless you, and I bet, you did know that you can get a lolt's of money fron so called 'discrimination' libel.
        Not so good, lady.

  4. I'm obligated to agree with RunningGag. I can't see the motivation for co-workers giving someone a hard time for leaving early on Friday's an taking religious days off. I get the vague impression the scenario describes someone who was generally obnoxious in the first place, and her co-workers just picked on her conversion as a way of really getting under her skin. The entire event seems very juvenile.

    • Juvenile, yes, but if you have obnoxious co-workers, call them on that, not on their religion.

  5. Her coworkers should have been fired. Now her superiors should be fired. Their behaviour is not professional, nor even adult.

    • I agree SCF. However there may be an elephant in the room, can't tell from the mealey mouthed article. By that, I was wondering how many of her harrassers were Muslims? Furthermore, the fact she earned the time off before taking it, it is nobody's f ' ing business why she took the time off, nor should it matter.

  6. Sorry, but converting to Judaism does not make you one of the chosen people. Just ask them.

    • Yes, let’s just ask Ruth, King David’s grandmother, whether a convert is accepted by the Jewish people.