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Jim Prentice resigns

Federal environment minister steps down to take senior executive job at CIBC


Environment Minister Jim Prentice announced on Thursday he is resigning from cabinet to become vice-chairman of CIBC. “When I entered into politics in 2001, I made a commitment that my time in politics would last eight to 10 years,” Prentice said. It has now remarkably been nine years. And it is time for me to pursue new opportunities outside of public life.” Prentice’s resignation takes effect immediately, with former environment minister John Baird taking over the environment portfolio.

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Jim Prentice resigns

  1. It is a loss to the country. Prentice was measured, balanced and lacked the killer instinct that inhabit some politicians. He truly looked like a nice guy.
    Unfortunately for Harper he has lost a key member of his team.

    • Your conspiracy theories are tedious! Why would Stephen Harper celebrate the loss of one of his best ministers? Mr. Prentice has done his public service; the pay is paltry and he has gone onto greener pasturers in private service.

  2. Jim Prentice said today: “I feel very strongly that we have a better democracy if people come forward who have life experience doing other things, come to government, serve for a period of time, and then go back to the private sector."

    Wow. What a slam of Stephen Harper, the guy who has never held down a job that wasn't funded by the taxpayer…

    • "funded by the taxpayer" That's called welfare. Harper is trying to get everyone off welfare but does it apply to himself.

    • It would certainly open up some perspective if we had fewer career politicians (and legal beagles). An MP may only have to be in touch with their riding, a whip with their party and a minister with their portfolio but we need leaders who have seen more than the walls of board rooms, lecture halls and main street.
      (Sorry but a country wide tour of Timmy's outlets doesn't count.)

      • We need a mix of all kinds of people in the House of Commons including more women. Only with a representative cross section of society will they be able to deal with the issues that come before them in a way that is in the best interest of the country. Note I said in the best interest of the country, not themselves.

  3. quack quack go the dead ducks, leaving an oily smear behind him.

  4. Demo Cracy !!