Jobs: I’m not dead already


It’s gotta wear a guy down constantly having to convince everyone you’re not dead. Steve Jobs had to reassert his worldly existence once again today. It’s becoming an almost weekly event. This time someone posted an item on ireport.com, CNN’s website for so-called citizen journalists, saying Jobs had suffered a heart attack. The stock tanked 5 per cent before Apple said the claim was false. The ireport website advertises itself as “unedited. unfiltered.” How about adding: untrue.


Jobs: I’m not dead already

  1. not as a defense of gawker by any stretch, but remember when CNN skewered that female editor for not only the stalker map itself, but its inability to ensure the veracity of the stories that gawker allowed posters to post as ‘fact’…. just saying the lines look a little blurry.

  2. You’re bang on seaandthemountains, there really isn’t any difference, in that the posts on both gawker stawker and ireport are for the most part anonymous and unverified. But it’s one thing to tick off Jimmy Kimmel when someone posts that they saw him drunk as a skunk. When you’re talking about a lie that causes a stock market swing of some $3 billion dollars, I’d say CNN has got way more to answer for. If the SEC wasn’t caught up in trying to save the economy from collapsing, I’m sure they’d be all over this. They should be anyway.

  3. unverified…unreliable…unaccountable… unbelievable…

  4. I don;t disagree Jason at all. I was more focussed on reporting part, but you are right, this is bigger then Jimmy worrying about what his family thinks of him.

    Does the SEC actually have any formal authority ‘to be all over this’ with? I am completely in the dark here.

    Because, while I think CNN ought to face some kinda sanction for getting their job totally wrong and for their hypocrisy I sure hope the SEC has no formal role in regulating media or media content. Oy ve.

  5. Steve you make a good point here too… is anyone who moved money based on an ireport, not well a tad, silly?

  6. This afternoon the SEC said it was investigating the matter. They’re not interested in getting into the regulation of the media. What they’ll want to know is whether the poster, who goes by the handle Johntw, was also betting that Apple’s share price would fall. If so, this individual could have made a killing off his fake news.
    But it could become a media issue, because I presume the SEC will want to obtain this person’s identity. Will CNN hand over the real name of one of its “citizen journalists?” The issue could get thorny.

  7. thanks Jason, wasn’t thinking. Too much transaction cost reading today here for a lefty social science-type = fried brains.

    As per your post, this could be interesting on many fronts. And like you said, thorny. Would be interesting to see what CNN is willing to put on the line for the avg citizen who is willing to post, frivolously or otherwise.

  8. Is there a succession plan in place for Jobs? Regardless of his health, he can’t be CEO forever… what happens after Jobs?

  9. I wonder what Apple’s succession plan is? Jobs can’t be CEO forever.. what happens after Jobs?

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