Joe Clark hung


Former Progressive Conservative PM Joe Clark finally had his official portrait done and his official “hanging.” Unless the federal PC phoenix rises from the ashes, this will be the last Progressive Conservative PM portrait ever.

Scott Brison does his best Joe Clark impersonation. Clark got a choice spot on the PM wall.


Alberta artist Patrick Douglas Cox painted the portrait.

Green party leader Elizabeth May attended the portrait unveiling. Liberal Senator Marcel Prud’homme checks out something on his phone behind her or maybe he’s snapping pics behind May’s back.

Maureen McTeer, Clark’s wife, and Bloc leader Gilles Duceppe.

Paul Martin, who still needs a portrait of his own, greets the Toronto Star’s Susan Delacourt before the ceremony.


Defense Minister Peter Mackay was also in attendance.


So was Tory MP James Moore and Liberal candidate Justin Trudeau.


…and Tory MP Ted Menzies.


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Joe Clark hung

  1. I have never laughed so hard in my life as when Joe Clark was telling the audience that Harper had contacted him and apologized for not making it to his ” Hanging ” and then invited Joe to attend his – now that is a sense of humour!!!!! ROFL LMAO

  2. Mr. Clarke has always a decent person. Maybe too decent for federal politics, as it turned out. I wish him the best.

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