John Baird warns gay travellers to beware in St. Petersburg

A new law effective Saturday, March 17 may affect Canadian travellers


Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird has told the House of Commons he’s concerned about new legislation banning “homosexual propaganda” in St. Petersburg, Russia, the Canadian Press reports. Baird said Canada has lodged an official protest over the new law, which comes into effect on Saturday.

According to an Russian travel advisory on the Foreign Affairs website, the new law prohibits “propagandizing homosexuality, lesbianism, bisexuality and transsexuality among minors, and prohibiting public actions propagandizing pedophilia.” The advisory also warns, “public actions (including dissemination of information, statements, displays or conspicuous behaviour) contradicting or appearing to contradict this law may lead to arrest, prosecution and the imposition of a fine.”

St. Petersburg is among the world’s most popular tourist destinations. It is the fourth Russian city to put such a law in place. Baird says he’s concerned about the law, which he says runs counter to Canadian values.

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John Baird warns gay travellers to beware in St. Petersburg

  1. I guess he won’t be traveling there?

    • Hmm, more another so-called liberal…preaching tolerance and practicing none.

      •  What’s intolerant about asking that? Or is mere acknowledgement intolerant to you?

        • Indicate the source where Mr. Baird “outed” himself….or perhaps you don’t feel he has the right to any privacy due to the fact that he is a Conservative.  Meanwhile, how would feel if people went around “outing” every private citizen?  Surely you don’t believe that because a person takes a role in government, their private life becomes fodder for everyone in the country. 

      • Well, how could he go there and advocate for gay rights? 

        • Oh Jan, surely you aren’t that naive.  Did you miss the thread when Emily “outed” Mr. Baird and some other cabinet ministers?   Tam’s little dig isn’t about Mr. Baird advocating for gay people’s rights as part of his job, it is a dig about “rumors” about his personal life and sexual orientation.  Yes, in this country, us liberal-minded people want gay marriage but if you might be gay and a Conservative, look out…we are gunning for you….even if it is in our minds that your party might change the law allowing for gay unions.

          • The law forbids anyone, straight or gay from speaking against the law. That’s my point.

          • Yes, I am sure that is YOUR point but it wasn’t Tam’s point or the point of the people who “liked” the comment.  Their point was a snide little tasteless hit, way beneath what true social liberalism is supposed to stand for…tolerance for ALL people’s rights…not just the rights of those who belong to the political party you voted for.

        • Wow, you certainly read a lot into a short sentence and the motives of six unnamed people who hit the ‘like’ button.

          • Yes, I guess I do and I don’t see Tam on here clearing up the “misunderstanding’ either.

  2.  I’m curious, maybe there is no reason visiting Russia, consider instead countries that are Canada’s  allies and homosexual – friendly such as Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Taiwan, Egypt. Coming there tourists can really start being open about who they are, let’s see how long will they last -15 min, 1 hour before end up in jail or worse.

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