John Baird’s gold card causes a stir -

John Baird’s gold card causes a stir

Minister demanded special, gold-embossed, business cards when he took over new portfolio


John Baird demanded special gold-embossed business cards when he became foreign affairs minister earlier this year. Baird’s highly specific, slightly bizarre requests included dropping the Canadian logo from the cards and erasing reference to the Lester B. Pearson building, where he works. Department bureaucrats initially fought back against the minister’s demands, pointing out that they violate treasury board policy. Baird eventually got his way.

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John Baird’s gold card causes a stir

  1. Oh Big deal. Gold embossing is peanuts.. I wonder what the liberals want? Do they want MPs to use business cards run off the photocopier at Staples? I’m sure THEY didn’t spare the minor expenses when they were financially raping the Canadian taxpayer!

    • Neat, other than this is NOT the first, nor second, nor THIRD time they bullied their way around Parliament and its Standards and Policies.  These Ministers aought to remain very lucky that it is all but impossible to have them sued.  I am so embarrassed by our government its shameful.

      • No kidding…what is the purpose of the Standards & policies, legal dept, etc. in the gov’t when they really don’t hold any sort of ability to uphold the law. Conservatives will continue doing what they always do anyways – whatever they darn well please even if it goes above the law.

    • (sigh) clearly whatever I say won’t have any influence on you. You think spending a billion dollar for a conference is acceptable… probably even necessary. And apparently, you think gold embossing is peanuts… But, god forbid if the poor small businesses who were hurt during that same conference ask for any sort of compensation. Probably those people are going to vote for liberals anyways, so, no way!

      I hear these stories, and think that our government is wasting my money. We are acting like other oil rich countries, spending all this wealth on things that will not help us in the long term. But maybe that’s all you think we are… just another oil rich country, ran by leaders that have no idea how to spend the money to invest in the future of the country.

    • But, you don’t have the teeniest problem with removing any reference to Canada on the business cards of, uh, the Harper Government’s (I guess) Minister of Foreign Affairs?  Almost like its begging the question of who ISN’T foreign, if you see what I mean.

      • Apparently, CANADA is on his card… and it is in the two official languages, according to what he said in QP.  (I checked Hansard Canada).  The Liberals are so ready to pounce over every little thing.  In the session before the election, there was a new ‘scandle’ every week according to them, and usually time showed there was nothing to these scandles at all.  It made them look stupid.  They don’t appear to have learned much.

        • Now why did you go to all the bother of checking Hansard when you could have read the article referred to in this Need to Know?  Because there, you see a picture you can even enlarge to see exactly the Canada he removed  Its the one indicating who he is the Minister of Foreign Affairs for.  Yes, he kept it in the postal address.  Big of him, I guess I should be impressed.

          Actually, I read somewhere that he has some ‘regular’ cards, presumably for those easily impressed ‘regular’ people.  With French on the back and everything.  They probably sit on his desk or something.   It’s why he needs the gold-embossed, Minister for nobody cards that I’m curious about.

    • The PRICE isn’t the issue; it’s the principle. The man clearly sees himself and his party as being above the rules. Given his position as a senior, trusted cabinet minister (and staunch defender of that other unprincipled clown, Clement), it serves as a clear indicator of the way this party will govern for the next four years.

      Sleaze, graft, corruption and barrels upon barrels of pork – just hold out your hands and say you voted Conservative.

    • ‘But mom! They did it first!’

  2. Hang on folks we are in for a wild ride with a government with little self control.

    No need for the gold embossing but no big deal but dropping the government logo and the image of his place of work and ignoring his people’s concerns shows how much the conservatives see themselves apart from responsible government and the real world in general.

    But at least both Mackay and Baird supports the troops and we all know that that gives the ok for all kinds of bad behaviour by ministers. As a conservative minister you can commit murder long as you support the troops.

  3. If Gaddafi could design his own uniforms why can’t Baird design his own charge card? The insertion of a crown here and there and the word “royal” (symbols he cherishes) ought to be allowed.
    Aldo Violi  

  4. My senses tell me we should watch the Conservative government closely and this guy in particular.
    Arrogance and self-agrandisment are not desirable traits in government leaders.

  5. It hasn’t taken long to expose the Cons’ sense of entitlement to their entitlements. I’m beginning to understand why this government is embracing the inclusion of “royal” in the names of federal institutions: it’s not in recognition of the traditional (British) monarchy; it’s actually celebrating the sovereignty of King Stephen, who now reigns by divine right. The recent hanging of pictures of Queen Elizabeth throughout the realm is merely a transitional step. Once newly-commissioned flattering portraits of King Stephen have been approved, they will supplant those of the British monarch.

    Long live King Stephen.

  6. John Baird is unCanadian, is petty denies a Noble Peace prize winner (Lester B. Pearson) his due because he was a Liberal, abuses taxpayer $$, is egotistical, has no respect for the law of the land thereby disrespecting Canadians and Canada & those who fought long and hard for democracy.  He is a blight upon our land.

  7. John Baird is unCanadian, is petty denies a Noble Peace prize winner (Lester B. Pearson) his due because he was a Liberal, abuses taxpayer $$, is egotistical, has no respect for the law of the land thereby disrespecting Canadians and Canada & those who fought long and hard for democracy.  He is a blight upon our land.

  8. Gold embossed business cards is trivial compared to eliminating the Canada wordmark and ‘Lester B. Pearson Building’.  As I watched Baird and his mob laughing this off in QP he looked like one of those people who, when confronted with their misdeed either retaliates with some sleezy smear about the person doing the confronting or makes a sleezy joke about it.  There is a clinical description of such people.

  9. Wow…goes to show how he thinks he can just do what he wants. It appears a small matter, but when you look at the big picture, you have to wonder what else he’s doing. Any corporation I’ve ever worked for has a standard business card template to choose from. There may be a few alterations you can make, but doing anything else (especially to the company name) becomes a compliance matter and is not allowed. It’s a little disturbing that he feels it necessary to take the Gov’t of Canada trademarked logo off the card. Does he work for himself? Who prints a card with no business/company name on it anyways?

  10. ???…..???……..,….

    I can’t believe….My best friend’s mom makes $77 an hour on the computer. She has been out of job for 9 months but last month her check was $5487 just working on the computer for a few hours. Read about it here ….is this possible???

  11. I love articles like this, why? Because if that’s the best that the vitriolic left wing press can do to criticize this government, they really have nothing to worry about.  The hypocrisy and double standards are alive and well, and the longer the opposition and their biased media sycophants keep up the ranting, the less effect and influence it will have over time.  Assuming, of course, that it ever had any.

    Make no mistake, the media don’t care about things like this, or how much any MP spends on expenses or travel, it’s all really about juvenile “gotcha” politics against what they wrongly perceive as a right-wing governing party.

    • Why do so very many, if not all, Right Wing Cons talk and blather, yet rarely if ever make a cogent argument to defend their particuliar wingnuts?  I mean really, MAKE and ARGUMENT and your likely to move the dialogue SOMEWHERE.  Just blathering about CONspiracies and “left-leaning media” is not achieving ANYTHING.  

      Just to help educate, how about a couple simple ones to get the ball rolling…

      1. could it be said, and/or proven that Baird HADN’T *demanded* such treatment….

      2. could it be postulated that the use of the word CANADA on a MINISTERs’ business card is inaccurate?

      3. is it possible there are NO standards or templates in existence, and thus the staffers were making a fuss over nothing?

      To all of those, the answer is no.  So, this was just an exercise in THINKING and PROPOSING an alternate view.  Try it sometime, you just might like the thinking and its outcomes, and its always possible you just MIGHT change an opinon or two.  Unllikely three, but for the benefit of the doubt, I will give you up to two.

  12. Mehhh… I don’t see this as a serious issue with one exception. You want gold embossed business cards, ok no big deal, but if you remove the Canadian logo from those cards Canada should not be paying for them.

  13. this really pisses me off. the country is in debt, and Baird gets gold embossed business cards.