John Kerry cuts Jim Prentice a break. -

John Kerry cuts Jim Prentice a break.

Oil sands? The sticky subject never came up.


Environment Minister Jim Prentice didn’t have to defend Alberta’s oil sands in his meeting yesterday with John Kerry, one of the most powerful senators in Barack Obama’s Washington. In fact, the issue of “dirty oil” appears strangely marginal in all Canada-US talks: when Obama met Stephen Harper in Ottawa last month, they merely agreed to start a “clean energy dialogue” (whatever that is). The question: were expectations of a Democrat-led, National Geographic-stoked, assault on the oil sands overblown, or are Washington’s new environmentalists merely taking time to marshal their arguments—and political clout.

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John Kerry cuts Jim Prentice a break.

  1. DUH! Of course the issue never came up. If anyone honestly believes that the yanks are going to do anything to jeapordize the contracts that they signed on for twith he so called dirty oil and most especially since energy security is one of their highest priorities they are being just plain dense. Here is how it is going to go down Obama and crew will allow little bits of dross out to appease some of their base and they will talk huge at home in front of their base but when it comes down to signing on the line it is going to be business as usual.

    • you better hope so; but i see the Green Shift chorus and the call for Green Jobs rising higher and higher in the states

      President Obama doesn’t need to suckerpunch; he can slowly but surely undermine our Tar Sands as they gradually shift to other sources of energy.

      • Man you are really way out there : Obama could double his goals for home grown clean energy every year for 20 years and it still wouldn’t make dent in the almost 2 million barrels of oil (and growing with every pipleine they build in the states) a day we send to the yanks : which by the way will be 5 million before you know it and this is already signed for – and you will note Obama hasn’t said anything about the oil sands only carbon capture tech for his coal. By green jobs do you mean the new ones at Exxon or the new Green jobs at BPI = ROFL LMAO – frankly I don’t care!!! … the yanks tomorrow could say we don’t want oil sands oil and I’d say okay – so what as we don’t process the oil until we have signatures on the contracts so they have to stop buying first : I don’t see that happening do you? In point of fact if my boy Stevie really wants to play hardball he would say no more oil = then watch would happen as Obie drops his blackberry and begs canada for more oil … I think the eco-nazis have to wake up and smell the tar sands it’s not going anywhere soon … what really is funny though are the wacko eco people buying into the eco-nazi stuff sooner or later they are going to wake up and say hey Obie – what happened here as you are saying all the right things but your actions? – wassa matter you a real politician after all?

        • Hey Wayne, it’s way past yr anti-eco-nazis delusional pill time, isn’t it?

          • nope the new meds are working great – the facial twitches have increased though :(

      • Tell me, and those magical alterative energy sources would be coming from where??? Obama’s no fool,and a pretty quick study. He is not going to demolish what’s left of the North American economy to appease a few eco-lunes. The average man on the street is a hell of a lot more worried about having the money to pay his bills, heat his home, and yes put gas in his car to get to work, that is if he even has a job. The only people worried about this are the fraudsters (like Al Gore) making millions selling phoney hot air credits. I noticed since Obama came into office the fear mongering and hysteria has reached a fever pitch. Big Al says the Nothern ice cap will be completely gone in less than five years.(Finally a lie we don’t have to wait 100 years to prove dead wrong). I guess they figure they can bamboozle the new prez if the claims are outragous enough. Soon as I heard Obama say during his visit here that he would open up a new “dialouge” and search for new tecnology to solve the problem he was doing a Cretian. Say all the right things, appoint commissions, round table studies, bla-bla-bla. Anything to shut the nuts up and meanwhile get on with real problems. Ya know, massive debt, unempolyment, things Big Al never has to give a second thought to. Cheers