Jon Stewart skewers Toronto Mayor Rob Ford over alleged crack video, drinking



The alleged crack video scandal surrounding Toronto Mayor Rob Ford continues to be fodder for late night talk shows.

Jon Stewart spent several minutes skewering the mayor Monday night, zeroing in on the apology he delivered on his radio talk show Sunday on Newstalk 1010.

He poked fun at Ford over a bombshell statement by Toronto police that they have a video that media reports have said appears to show Ford smoking crack cocaine, and making racist and homophobic remarks.

Stewart said that in Canada “that’s referred to as a hat trick,” and then made fun of Ford’s promise to no longer appear intoxicated in public but to drink at home.

“You realize ‘From now on, I’m just going to get (expletive) up at home’ may not be the answer to either your substance abuse problems or your job as the guy who runs Toronto,” he said.

Ford had said the alleged video did not exist, and denied that he smoked crack cocaine.

But the police statement about the video went international, as news outlets as far as India, Europe and Australia carried coverage of Thursday’s revelations.

Other talk show hosts, including Jay Leno and Howard Stern, have also made Ford the butt of recent jokes.


Jon Stewart skewers Toronto Mayor Rob Ford over alleged crack video, drinking

  1. Looks like we made it
    Look how far we’ve come my baby
    We mighta took the long way
    We knew we’d get there someday

  2. Exhibiting the judgement of someone who smokes crack…priceless.

    What has happened to the judgement of ordinary Torontonians who make up Ford nation? I get it, you hate liberal posers and their smug hypocritical friends in the media.
    But kicking Ford out at this point in time does not mean you will have to vote for Olivia or that Millar is coming back…just find a candidate you like who doesn’t smoke crack or think it’s ok to for a mayor to be drunk in public or actively hunting up drugs on your time. And give your heads a big shake while you’re at it.

  3. Relax, Toronto. The world is laughing with you. (‘With you?’… yeah, let’s go with that. ‘With you’.)

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