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Let’s see, you have an historic election taking place down south, the results of which will echo across the planet and will likely have an effect on the vast majority of your readership.

On the other hand, well… you have this great, simply-can’t-wait feature on how old people who work out at the gym are healthier than young people who sit on the couch and smoke pot. What do you do?

a) Kill the feature. It’s the friggin’ biggest, most important election in recent history, for Crissakes.

b) Run the feature because the boss is probably old and likes to jog, but stick it inside and leave the front page to, uh, Barack wuzzizzname.

c) Old people exercising? Holy crap is that news! Splash it on the front page and stick the thing with the black guy and the war hero in the corner somewhere.

If you chose ‘C’, you have a future at Le Journal de Montréal.


Journalisme Cent Un

  1. I will take a back seat to no one in trashing that tabloid. Except on your present complaint.

    What, pray tell, is the “news” about today’s election that should appear on “la une” this morning? The Americans are voting today, McCain is the poor underdog and Obama, oozing campaign $, is favoured to win. But no facts, no results, no nothing. So really, no news we didn’t know yesterday or last week. Come back tomorrow in case we know anything we can be sure of before we have to put tomorrow’s edition to bed.

    The Gazette was full of just that garbage, stating the obvious with no news about today’s election, because a morning paper cannot possibly carry any real news about election day. Weather forecast across USA, turnout over the last early-voting week(s), state-by-state count of electoral college votes including who is leading in the latest polls and which party won that state four years ago. Maybe a columnist roving about for quasi-interesting quotes from three folks in a coffee shop in a battleground state, as if those three are bellweathering the whole state for us. Front page? Yawn. Get back to us tomorrow. My folks are in better shape than me or my kids? Hell, I would actually read about that, even in the JdM.

  2. young people smoke pot?

  3. Ont eh other hand, the American election would be pretty saturated, even in French language media. but the elderly exercise market> wide open, mes amis!

  4. You sure its not about Senate Reform?

  5. This reminds me of George Orwell writing in praise of the London Blitz: “At least it’s weaned the newspapers off their absurd habit of headlining yesterday’s weather” OWTTE.

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