Journalist allegedly manhandled by undercover police -

Journalist allegedly manhandled by undercover police

Local reporter claims he was tossed to the ground by an RCMP officer at Olympic torch relay


A Toronto Sun reporter was allegedly manhandled by an RCMP officer while videotaping shooting victim Louise Russo’s torch relay near Toronto on Saturday. Ian Robertson, 61, suffered a concussion after he was apparently grabbed by an undercover RCMP officer dressed in an Olympic track suit. Robertson has turned over the footage from his camera to investigators at York Regional Police and has discussed the matter with a lawyer Robertson describes as having “experience in civil action against police officers.”

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Journalist allegedly manhandled by undercover police

  1. Journalists have become some of the lowest form of lying, manipulating scum. Send the Canadian police down here to the US to throw a few journalists around, I'll bring the popcorn and soda!

  2. Journalists haven't exactly done a bang up job exposing police brutality, the only reason why the Vancouver airport tasering made the news was because a citizen recorded it. Canwest, for example, ran a headline "Cause of death unclear in airport tasering" two days after the incident. Well, duh, the tasering might've had something to do with it. I for one believe that the media has been complicit in covering up RCMP brutality; accordingly, my sympathy for the injured journo is limited. I will say this in the media's defense: the police in this country are unaccountable and very evil – no other word works here – and if I were a journalist I'd probably STFU about RCMP misconduct too and run benign stuff like "The Top 10 Sexiest Police Cars" as Maclean's did recently.