Judge orders Alberta man to stand trial for attempted murder of two Mounties


CAMROSE, Alta. – A judge has ruled there is enough evidence to send a man to trial on charges of attempting to kill two Mounties in rural Alberta.

Sawyer Robison, 28, remains out on bail and is to appear in Wetaskiwin court on Jan. 14 to set a trial date. He also faces several weapons charges.

His lawyer, Brian Beresh, expects it may take a year or longer for the case to get to trial. But he said his client is eager for it to start.

“He’s looking forward to the day when he can establish his innocence,” Beresh said Friday following the court decision in Camrose.

Details from the preliminary hearing, and Judge David Plosz’s reasons, are subject to a publication ban.

Robison was arrested following a standoff on his family’s farm near Killam, about 160 kilometres southeast of Edmonton, in February 2012.

RCMP said at the time that four officers had gone to execute a search warrant on the farm, about 160 kilometres southeast of Edmonton. Two of the officers walked into a house on the property and shots were fired.

Constables Sheldon Shah and Sid Gaudette were struck, but made it back outside. They later underwent surgery and survived.

Police said they believed Robison was inside the house during the shooting, then drove off in a pickup truck.

Officers later found his uncle, Bradford Clarke, dead in the home and no one else inside.

Three days later, Robison was arrested peacefully on a rural road in the area after his parents made an emotional public plea asking him to come forward to police.

Months later, Mounties also charged Robison with second-degree murder charge in relation to his uncle’s death.

That charge was dropped during a preliminary hearing.

Alberta Justice said at the time that the Crown had reviewed new evidence from the RCMP related to Clarke’s death and determined there was no reasonable likelihood of conviction on the murder charge.

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Judge orders Alberta man to stand trial for attempted murder of two Mounties

  1. This guy should ask for a change of venue to Vancouver Island: two years probation and some community hours. After all, if that is good enough for mounties who shoot unarmed people during a traffic stop, it should be good enough for Joe Q. Citizen, in my opinion.

    • His uncle was in the shower when all this happened and did not hear the RCMP break into his home. Ask yourself if the police had time from the time of the complaint to when they went out to the farm to have had a judge issue a warrant? Seems highly suspect. This man is innocent and it will be proven that the cops were AGAIN overzealous and overstepping their authority. Notice they dropped the charge against him concerning his uncle because why? Did they find that only police bullets killed his uncle? Of course. And I don’t believe that they haven’t figured out that Sawyer Robison did not shoot at the officers. And people wonder why no one has respect for authority who love to lay as many charges as possible and hope something sticks. They killed an innocent man right inside his home, just getting out of the shower. How sick is that? If it can happen to Brad Clarke, it can happen to you.

      • Cocoa puffs….for……cuckoo.

        • Yes yes we all know you love the cops and they can do nothing wrong, even when they are doing something wrong. Nice brown nose you have.

          • Having an off-colour proboscis is much preferred to being batsh!t crazy.

          • Spoken like the brown noser you truly are.

          • Yer a mean lady, Sheila.

  2. I have been friends with sawyer for a long time and i know he did nothing wrong, this is a case of the rcmp screwing up and trying to cover their ass!

    • I agree. Can’t wait for the day when he is exonerated. Makes me wonder why the judge ordered a publication ban, who is he protecting?