Judge orders fumigation after bed bug found in Newfoundland court building


ST. JOHN’S, N.L. – The provincial court in St. John’s is dealing with a bedbug problem.

A single bedbug was first detected near the holding cells at the court building in the capital city of Newfoundland and Labrador in the fall.

A dog trained to detect bedbugs was then brought in for a thorough search and more of the creatures were found.

In a news release, Chief Judge Mark Pike says officials have met with a local pest control company to discuss a plan to eradicate bedbugs at Atlantic Place, where the provincial courts are located.

A complete fumigation is planned, followed by another search of the area using dogs and specialized technicians.

He says where bedbugs are detected, technicians will vacuum, steam and spray the area.

The process is expected to take two days, beginning Saturday.

Occupational health and safety inspectors have visited the court, but Pike says bed bugs are not a valid health and safety concern.

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Judge orders fumigation after bed bug found in Newfoundland court building

  1. They’re running rampant everywhere, but not being reported because the government won’t do anything anyway! People gave up. In NY city they changed the laws so that landlords HAVE to DISCLOSE and it is not legal grounds to break a lease. WHY doesn’t Canada have these laws yet? People are suffering because of their bad neighbors. Landlords choose the tenants its not tenants fault some bad neighbor brought them in!
    Hate to tell ya but heat bakes the eggs but only makes the big ones go deeper into the walls where Health Canada advises they can live for 1.5 years without feeding!
    I found a y outube video on a NICE part of town, its called bridlewood se calgary bedbugs.
    Edmonton just sprayed some city buses. The poisons they use only work for 20 days, what good is that if they can hide for over a year?
    WHY isnt our government doing something! This costs TONS of money and its getting worse.

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