Julian Assange granted bail

WikiLeaks founder met with cheers from inside and outside the court


Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, appeared in a London court today, where he was granted bail—to cheers from inside and outside the court. His conditional release comes a week since his first court appearance after Sweden requested his arrest over allegations that he sexually assaulted two women. Judge Howard Riddle released Assange, but ordered him to surrender his passport, obey a curfew, and wear an electronic tag until his next hearing on Jan. 11. Assange has denied any wrongdoing and his lawyers claim that the Swedish warrant is part of a plot to have him extradited to the U.S. in the event that charges related to his document-leaking activities are leveled at him.

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Julian Assange granted bail

  1. If I was Mr. Assange, I wonder if I would feel more comfortable in Prison, or out in the open World…just a thought…..

  2. Those people wearing those masks are infuriating. What a bunch of idiots.

    • i think your missing their point. They are dressed up like in the movie V for Vendetta where V, the main character, is attempting to free the people of Britain from a police state government and all his supporters wear his mask. What i think they're trying to do is show Assange as V who is trying to free the world by giving everyone free access to information

      • I unfortunately saw V for Vendetta so I understand what they're tring to do.

        I also undertand that it really isn't appropriate : Guy Fawkes and his buddies wanted to assisinate the king of England because of religious differences: King James was a jerk who was persecuting Catholics and so the conspirators wanted to kill him off and put a pro Catholic leader (who would have most likely ended up persecuting the Protestants anyway).

        The only thing these morons are proving is their incapacity to think for themselves. The movie and comic book V for Vendetta were nothing but fluff (especially the movie, what pathetic film) and people are simply eating it up and mindlessly applying symbolism that isn't even accurate.

  3. Leftists believe this guy is some kind of hero simply because he undermined Western governments, especially the US, if the shoe was on the other foot they would be demanding his head. Hypocrites.

    • Rightists believe this guy is some sort of criminal simply because he published documents that reveal the truth our governments refuse to tell us, especially the US, if the shoe was on the other foot they would be hailing him as a champion of freedom and democracy. Hypocrites.

    • Right wingers believe this guy is some kind of criminal simply because he published documents that embarrass Western governments, especially the US, if the shoe was on the other foot they would be demanding his release. Hypocrites.

      • They also presume to know how and what other people think before they have even arrived. Real brain surgeons, those right wingers.

      • You said that already…………

    • I would say that he has undermined all kinds of governments with this leak. Yes, the source of the leaks is American, however, the information held within them deals with almost every country on the globe. And I can guarantee you that even his harshest critics will be sifting through these leaks and putting the information to use. I think THAT is the hypocrisy.

      • I'm not entirely sure what Phil means by "if the shoe was on the other foot" but I'm going to assume he's proposing a hypothetical situation where Wikileaks embarrasses some non-western country right wingers love to hate, like Iran or China. Well, actually, this happened. In fact, some of the most significant leaks from the last couple weeks have been about China and Iran, and other countries we aren't big fans of. And I don't recall any "leftists" calling for Assange's head.

        Also, it's not just leftists who support wikileaks. Assange himself identifies as Libertarian.

        Conservatives think everything is a leftist conspiracy, it would be funny if they weren't in government right now :(

        • i am a centrist, who thinks assange should be shot.

          • NO you are a coward! Proud to be ignorant too!

  4. Check that out. Hollywood will end up making a blockbuster out of this, Assange being portrayed as a sexually perverted terrorist whose actions are litterally threatening the very existence of the free world and who is being hunt down by the whole of the Western police and intelligence forces.

    • John Travolta could play the cool Government hitman/ spy guy… and they could cast Pee-Wee Herman as the slimy sexually perverted / computer geek guy !! This could be Oscar material…….

  5. Interesting that no one bothers to comment on the actual story. Then again, the sexual assault charges are probably best left to the courts.

    As for the documents he's leaking… If they showed real evidence of wrong-doing, Deep Throat style, then there would be real value to leaking them. But most of this stuff is TMZ-level gossip-mongering (or so it seems from the media coverage; can't be bothered to wade through it myself), of only prurient interest. Childish, immature and irresponsible, in my mind.

    And to those who claim we should have full disclosure and that there should be no privacy, please post your banking info with PIN in response…

    • "And to those who claim we should have full disclosure and that there should be no privacy, please post your banking info with PIN in response…"

      NICE ONE!! :-)

  6. 100 years from now no one will care, chill

    • 100 years from now, everyone will care about what they are commanded to care about, and think the thoughts they are commanded to think, right.

  7. It's not difficult, rather too easy, to cherry-pick the mundane items–95% in fact–from WikiLeaks' corpus and say 'see, no great evil'.

    But for 'journalists' to praise with faint damns the collateral murder of two Reuters' REAL journalists, and more importantly the COVER-UP of that murder, really leaves TIME the burden of proof that great evil hides in the vast, boring junkpile of undisclosed documents.

    Assange: PERSON OF THE YEAR.

    • If the posted materials were all of the same quality and significance as the Reuters journalists clip, I would agree; the genuine exposing of wrongdoing is righteous, noble, and worthy of praise. But in the bigger picture, these few shining gems seem like abberrant side effects, rather than an intended consequence.