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Julian Assange’s bizarre lovelorn emails

Gossip site obtains WikiLeaks founder’s romantic correspondence


Gossip website Gawker has obtained emails allegedly sent to a 19-year-old girl by the then-33-year-old WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. The two are said to have met in a bar in Australia six years ago, or two years before he founded the now-infamous WikiLeaks site. After swapping emails, Assange pursued the young woman and became increasingly upset when she rejected his advances. In one email exchange, Assange scolded her for her cool reaction to his advances, saying her response “lacked dignity” and that “it saddens me to have misjudged you.” Later, he laments that she is “hard above the neck; voice salted and typical of your class when not trying to impress.”


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Julian Assange’s bizarre lovelorn emails

  1. Well now that Macleans has gone on record as having worried about Assange's upbringing, his past romances and even his condoms…..do you think you could focus on the cables and what they reveal?

    • Turn about is fair play, Emily. He loves to share with the world whatever he can get his grubby little hands on in the name of transparency and honesty, so he should expect the same treatment.

      • No Keith…he is just a spokesman for Wikileaks…a large organization with a board of directors.

        You are simply being diverted.

      • Agree Keith…Assange wants to be the poster boy for free speech, so here is a little taste….stay tuned folks, more to come…….

        • More to come…yes indeed….over 200,000 more documents.

          And Cons….supposed supporters of free speech that they are…..are having apoplexy.

          Much easier to go tabloid.

          The snooping around in bedrooms suits them to a T.

          Cons biggest concern in life…..LOL

  2. Evidently no one has seen fit to print that Assange currently enjoys frontrunner status in the 2010 Colin Mochrie lookalike contest.

  3. the next thing Gawker will write an article about is the buttons on Julian Assange's shirt and how they are "bizarre" instruments acting in conjunction with his "alleged" shirt to conceal his nipples.

  4. Assange is no more than a product of social engineering; have some decency and show him how to safely get out of this maze he has been placed in.

    • A what??

      Paris, look after your chihuahua instead.

  5. How lame, haven't seen this type of thing anywhere else yet, and now…from Macleans. Bravo Macleans! Guttersnipes all around it seems!

  6. So what? 33-year-old Assange wanted to bang 19-year-old girl. What does it have to do with anything related to WikiLeaks, freedom of the press and governments and companies trying to muffle both?

    • So what ?..When a 33 year old man is putting the moves on a 19 year old girl he's a pig…(couldn't think of a politicaly correct word.) Maybe there is some truth to what Sweden wants to talk to him about………

      • 2 adults having an affair. So?

        • '' Assange pursued the young woman and became increasingly upset when she rejected his advances ''…That doesn't sound like 2 adults having an affair to me…sounds like some horned up 33 year old guy trying to bed a '' teenage'' girl that wants nothing to do with him….No means No.!!….Right ??

      • Okay, he's a pig. And maybe there is some truth to what Sweden wants to talk to him about. And me, back 20 years ago, I was a 39-year-old dude going out with a 25-year-old dudette, which makes me a pig as well. Fine.
        But the question remains: What does it have to do with anything related to WikiLeaks, freedom of the press and governments and companies trying to muffle both?

        • Just this: because the untimely disclosure (or in some cases, ANY disclosure) of sensitive information can be damaging to those bodies, fro reasons of national security (or in the case of business, for fair dealings and to avoid competitive disadvantage) there should generally be an expectation of privacy of certain types of documents. Except in the case of wrongdoing (which isn't the case of many of the WikiLeaks docs), where whistleblowing is something to be encouraged.

          Assange can't be bothered to follow disclosure laws, and he seems inclined to just dump anything he thinks might tittliate the public's prurient interests. He's not a hero exposing wrongdoing (though he sometimes stubles across such material); he's just out to prove he can get into places he shouldn't.

          So, what we have here is a little tit for tat. If he feels no scruples about displaying other peoples' documents without their permission or concern for the consequences, then he should expect – and be fine with – others doing the same with all HIS documents. Full disclosure.

          • Are you honestly foolish enough to believe this tripe?

          • If you think it's tripe, let's hear your counter-argument.

        • You asked… What does this have to do with anything related to Wikileaks etc,etc,…Nothing, nada,,zip,….This paticular debate is about,( as the headline says )… ''Jullian Assange's bizzare lovelorn E-mails '' The one you want is, I think # 12 on the previous page…….

  7. Lame…. Is this the best that you can do? I'm mean really. Is this really character assassination?

  8. Who cares if he wrote these emails, there is nothing criminal here… As far as transparency going both ways, that is simply retarded. I am entitled to know what my government is doing as they are appointed  for the people and therefore it is well within my rights and interests as a citizen. All the release of these emails is doing is attempting to assassinate his character, making it easier for media to pin him as a rapest… I mean look at way a creep he is, I wouldn’t put it past him. Typical smear tactics.

  9. 33 yeah old man in "trying to bang 19 year old woman" shocker

    Next up from Macleans – Pope believes in God, admits to catholicism in secret email. Married man has sex with wife. Dog bites cat.

    Call yourselves journalists?

  10. Long time ago I was told that Macleans is a serious magazine , I am disappointed , they are better than CBC for sure , even the Media in Zimbabwe enjoys more freedom than govt controlled CBC , It seems like Macleans is getting some instructions from south of the border in trying to trash Assange. There is nothing wrong with those e-mails . Where is the real news? World's only super power is so afraid of truth that they have forced their inferior neighbors to the north into trashing Assange , He is a hero , he must get Nobel prize. The Australian Prime minister must call Whitehouse for permission if she wants to become a fan of Julian Assange, That is how the world leaders cower after getting threats from Washington. We live in a shameless world ,Those who claim to be the champions of free speech are timid slaves of the Govt , Macleans, CBC , CNN , they have joined hands in abusing a real champion. If Julian Assange was leaking the drity secrets of China or Iran, he would definitely be getting all the Medals and honors, book deals and interviews,even a nobel prize , Nobel prize has lost its reputation , they use it for political purposes. Grow up Macleans.

    • Hero? Sorry; I'm not much of a fan of self-aggrandizing anarchists. He belongs in the same category as the Black Bloc – making noise for the sake of noise, and drowning out those carrying on serious protest or genuinely exposing wrongdoing.

  11. Assange said “I feel like Paris Hilton” does that mean he wants to feel me, Like when I say “I feel like a new dog” and I go out and buy one. Or is this some type of Shibboleth. Why didn’t he say “I feel like Lindsay Lohan”.

  12. Who cares if he tried to shag a 19yr old.This has nothing to do with Wikileaks,& at the same time,everything to do with them! I've been in Wandsworth prison for armed robbery,AND in solitary…Its a sh*tty victorian way of doin things,& I take my hat off to him,for surviving it,& coming out the other end.By the way,I DONT agree with what he's done with wikileaks,and USA's got the major-hump.So what! Come on Barack Obama,you need a blow-job!Leave him alone.SOUR GRAPES!!

    • I need a BJ_Can I have one?

      • Cretin…….

  13. Doesn't really matter what we think, Mcleans are paid and controlled to spin things a certain way.

    Mclean's will keep doing doing articles like this until they get it right and finally manipulate many against the truth, the weak will fall and only the strong minded will remain. A whole bunch of strong minded people are harmless, just the way they want it.

    It's only when the masses start caring about the cables do those in power start getting scared.

  14. All comments point to the utter waste of space and time this supposedly serious journal has dedicated in a frivolity. I "gawk" at its lack of maturity and sensibility.

    People, please recognise their agenda and thereupon practice your right of choice.

    Insidious government pimps.

  15. How does employing the exact same tactic as Julian Assange against himself make us any better? At least what he's doing is politically relevant and informative. In contrast, this article is asinine and pathetic as its purpose is simply to direct a personal attack to somehow illustrate that this person's work is less important. Its intention to damage his public reputation is blatantly obvious. Please let us know if Julian Assange is secretly a serial killer or drug dealer… but if what he's done is nothing more than what is sanctioned under the law, leave him alone for it is childish and irrelevant to his actual work.

    • Who know's, maybe all these E-mails will support the allegations Sweden has been talking about……just a thought .

  16. goose, gander.

  17. Who dug this up and why ? Lets have a Wikileak love letter dumping corner. Like to get the one were the high school girl told Harper he was a nerd and did not stand a chance . Affairs of the heart however awkward are relevant to outing lies and duplicity of a major world power and its allies ?? Some sense of perspective please.

  18. what does Assange's personal life have to do with the war diaries, the actions of heads of state, or what's in the cables?

    Brent Bambury once asked me in 1995 for directions to a tango club with a very very young looking boy toy on his arm – they look like they were going to have fab night out and it has no barring what so ever on the Job he did intordcing me to the best music i had heard on Brave New Waves, reporting the news on All in a Day in 2002 OR how well he spins silly fluff on GO.

    Demonizing Assange for his dysfunctional relationships in retaliation for delivering the leaks to the newspapers and acting as the front man for a large group that is wikileaks is absurdly missing the point.

    • Sort of a double standard isn't it…Assange is doing the free speech bit, but when it's about him, a certain category of people are feeling sorry for the poor liitle Darling…….

  19. Who cares? I'm more interested in the documents posted on Wikileaks than b.s. about Assange. How do we know the emails are true?

    Wikileaks, gossip worth repeating.