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Julian Assange’s ‘creepy, lovesick’ emails

Gawker exposes notes sent by Wikileaks founder to 19-year-old


WikiLeaks boss Julian Assange has some more embarrassing leaked documents of his own to contend with. A string of emails detailing his ‘stalkery courtship’ of a teenager—two years before he founded his notorious website—were published under the headline ‘The creepy, lovesick emails of Julian Assange’ on the gossip website Gawker. The article reproduces emails to Elizabeth (not her real name), a teen he met one night in April 2004. Before parting ways, Assange gave her his card with and Elizabeth gave Assange her email address in return. Shortly thereafter, Elizabeth began getting emails from him. “Our intimacy seems like the memory of a strange dream to me,” begins one. When his attempts to woo her began to fail, another note says, “Your reaction to my phone call lacked dignity and has stung me.” Elizabeth wasn’t threatened by him, but thought him socially awkward.

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Julian Assange’s ‘creepy, lovesick’ emails

  1. The slippery slope starts. That his own privacy is compromised by the favored tool is fitting. That some poor guys pathetic attempts at courtship are made public game of is pathetic.

    Personally I'd prefer there to be more regard for privacy then seems to be the current downward trend. It is a fundamental social construct. It's gradual elimination can lead nowhere good.

    • Tis the Law of Karma .

  2. Ah man I was expecting some truly bad stuff.

    The man is a nut job but you can't really say he was out of line with those emails.

  3. When I clicked through to Gawker here and on #13 on the list(from several days ago), I get the exact same story. Why is this on the list twice?

    • I don't think so, but really similar…this one is titled '' Julian Assange's creepy lovesick E-mails'' the earlier one was titled…''Jullian Assange Bizzar Lovelorn E-mails…really close at a glance, and they are still about the same creepy little older guy houndogging around the same teenaged girl, Just a different E-mail in a series of letters………..

  4. Pretty lame story that does show a particular lack of class I wasn't expecting. Personally I understand the fascination with the messenger. Assange and Wikileaks through their work have shown that the press as it is functioning today is falling far short of its duty to the people it serves: providing a clear picture of what is going on. Working on fixing that would please me a lot more than this attempt at emulating the National Inquirer.

  5. Who dug this up and why ? Lets have a Wikileak love letter dumping corner. Like to get the one were the high school girl told Harper he was a nerd and did not stand a chance . Affairs of the heart however awkward are relevant to outing lies and duplicity of a major world power and its allies ?? Some sense of perspective please.

    • Who dug this up and why ? Why Gary this is what it's all about…Free Speech. Mr. Assange has set the stage, so let's get the show on the road, shall we..?

  6. Just a ploy to make the man look bad.
    No one else had the guts to do what he did and now you are accusing his private life. How cheap.

    • Maybe all the E-mails he wrote to this teenage girl will re-inforce Swedens Allegations against him….just a thought.

  7. Instead of real news MSM continues it’s impressive legacy of irrelevant disinformation. The internet is changing that though isn’t it? Mac Cleans jockeying for tabloid trash stories is the only thing pathetic to report here. ROFL.