Julie Couillard—a photo album

A Photo gallery


For those of you still infatuated with Julie Couillard—and a quick scan of Google search term results indicates that there are a lot of you—here are some snapshots of Bernier’s former flame.

ALSO AT MACLEANS.CA: A liveblog review of My Story, by Julie Couillard

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Julie Couillard—a photo album

  1. Is anyone else suffering from the exhaustion of this scandal? They’ve both been publicly humiliated, let’s move on.
    The whole thing is reminiscent of gossip at a high school dance.

  2. The whole irony is that Canada’s first real “sex” scandal doesn’t even have any real sex in it. Why can’t we ever do it right?

  3. This is so pathetic, even for Macleans. Do I have to go to Google news to read the latest in real news, now? Appears so.

  4. My name is Wayne and though I really hate to admit it my boy Stevie is right when it comes right down to it = I am a busybody. I can’t walk past a magazine in a store without reading about the latest trainwreck by some celebrity or the other. It’s a problem … I have even been known to buy a National Enquirer or two. There is nothing better than reading about the moral or judgemental failures of someone in power. The feeling of superiority and delight when watching the mighty fall from their golden perches is just too good to deny myself … and apparently quite a few others as well. Usually it has been American’s that have supplied my more craven delights but this story as Canadian has really got it’s hooks in me … I am at present looking around for a 12 step program that deals with this!

  5. I like that almost a month after the scandal broke, it”s still one of the most visitedmacleanssites

  6. there are really not enough pictures of her in a bikini.. we need more nudie shots of her..

    also, she complains that no man would want of her after all the media coverage she has had in the past year..

    hey baby..i ‘d go out with you anytime.. as long as you can hide under a raincoat and wear a pair of glasses-big nose thigny..

  7. I’ll give the scandal a needed boost:

    “hey baby [Julie]..i ‘d go out with you anytime..”

  8. Interesting woman.

  9. Reptile Yuks, Canada’s first real sex scandal was Trudeau and Leona Boyd. It was even more boring and pathetic than this one. At least this chick has some mafia and biker connections. Boyd plays the guitar.

  10. Pretty sad for Macleans, our ‘national’ magazine, to run a ‘story’ like this on the basis of the woman’s breasts … you editorial folks must still be in the snickering stage of life …

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