June was hottest month recorded worldwide - Macleans.ca

June was hottest month recorded worldwide

Climate data suggests 2010 may be warmest year since records began


Last month was the warmest June on record for the land surfaces of the globe since researchers started keeping track in 1880. The temperature beat the last record in 2005 by .11 degrees C. Land and ocean temperatures combined, it was the fourth consecutive month that was warmest on record. However, for global ocean temperature June was only the fourth warmest. The last ten warmest global averages recorded since 1880 have been during the last 15 years. Currently, the warmest year to date is 1998. The report is released by the National Climactic Data Center.

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June was hottest month recorded worldwide

  1. Meh. One month is not a trend. Just as one year isn't. There are always outliers. Hopefully, however, the mean temperature this year, once all is said and done, will finally stop the inactivists from plotting from 1998 to try to show the earth is cooling when plotting from pretty much any other year in the past 40 or so show 1998 as an outlier hot year in a general warming trend.

    • Here I am in Calgary; sitting through rain, rain, rain; waiting for the time when Vancouver drops into the sea and my house becomes a goldmine at Vancouver housing prices. And you come along to burst my bubble!

      • In fairness, if it rains much more around here, we don't have to worry about Vancouver dropping in.. we have to worry about the sea coming up.

    • i guess so..

  2. It's been getting warmer since the last ice age. However we only have a couple of hundred years to compare and that doesn't included the whole planet. Ice ages and periods of tropical climate have come and gone more than once. Real climate experts not those paid for by the U.N. the climate change industry and socialist who want to run your life & take your money have proven it has little to do with CO2. Climate change is the new scam for the Marxist left and the 3rd World to take your money and jobs.