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Jury begins deliberations in trial of Capt. Robert Semrau

Soldier is accused of killing a wounded insurgent


A four-member military panel has begun deliberations in the case of Capt. Robert Semrau, a 36-year-old soldier charged with second-degree murder in the battlefield shooting death of an injured Taliban fighter. Semrau never testified and his lawyer presented no evidence over the span of the four month trial. Military Judge Lt.-Col. Jean-Guy Perron took more than four hours to deliver his final instructions, reports the Winnipeg Free Press. Perron told the jurors that Semrau is to be presumed innocent, and that the prosecution bears the burden of proving his guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

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Jury begins deliberations in trial of Capt. Robert Semrau

  1. Not Guilty!

  2. Agree Should never have been let to go this far !

  3. I think he is guilty according to the law but what he did was morally right. Bad situation all around. Can Harper pardon people like the president of the United States can?

  4. I think there is plenty of reasonable doubt.

  5. If he is somehow found guilty of these charges… there will be far reaching ramifications throughout the Army and a sinking morale that could last a long long time for all we have accomplished in that Godforsaken Country called Afghanistan. He should NOT be found Guilty. Here's hoping the Jury comes in with a NOT Guilty Verdict.

    • Sinking morale is irrelevant to the legal question at hand. I obviously don't know if he did shoot the guy or not but after reading his bio in the Star I have every reason to believe he may have as he sounded like a rather upstanding individual. A man being torn apart by an Apache losing most of his vital organs but not his heart, head or both lungs doesn't survive very long but he has a while of utter agony. The moral thing to do would be to put a bullet in his head like I'd hope people would do for me.

      That being said our laws don't allow for mercy killings and it isn't up to a judge/jury to "legislate from the bench" (A term I am loath to use but applicable here).

  6. When you read about other wars, you realize that soldiers show mercy for their severely wounded comrades who are fighting against them. How this ever made it to trial is beyond me.

    For God's sake, let Captain Semrau go free. He has paid way too high a price already as has his family.


  7. Media does not reflect light on this situation, and making the situation as ambigious as possible. It just mentions that how he killed a dying terrorist Taliban.

    During combat people feel death at any given time, and it would natural reaction from him to open fire at his enemy to die who might open fire, explod a grande anything can happen. So, killing your enemy is on option on table during combat. No one will give anyone candy during combat

  8. The dying enemy did not have a weapon and it's therefore illegal to kill him just like it's illegal to kill a disabled person lying in a hospital bed……..change the law or follow it……I would vote guilty, this man lives while another died lying wounded with two bullets shot at him because someone decided to play god.

  9. Replace a Canadian soldier into the postion of that taliban fighter, Would you like a young Canadian soldier to be put out of his or her misery lying on the ground wounded and having a Taliban shoot at them as they lay helpless to defend themselves and dying?
    btw it's all about what we would do and not what they would do. To act no better than the enemy is to become an enemy .

  10. jade_lee: I see you're still being an idiot about this. Cpt Semra was being merciful – something the Taliban is incapable of being. Clearly you're on the same level as they are.

    • Maybe if no one repsponds to jade_lee he might just go away….no probably not !

  11. Jade lee….Is probably a filthy Muslim that has intruded into my country….Get out Jade….go back were you came from you Terrorist!