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Jury finds Michael Rafferty guilty on all counts

A jury has convicted Michael Rafferty for the vicious rape and murder of eight-year-old Tori Stafford


Michael Rafferty is no longer an alleged child killer. He is a convicted one.

After a marathon day of deliberations, a jury in London, Ont., reached a guilty verdict Friday night against the man who kidnapped, sexually assaulted and murdered eight-year-old Victoria (Tori) Stafford more than three years ago. The verdict, which carries an automatic sentence of life behind bars with no chance of parole for 25 years, was the climax of a dramatic trial that began on March 5—but did not actually include some of the most damning evidence collected by police.

Because of a faulty search warrant, the judge did not allow prosecutors to show the jury what investigators found on Rafferty’s laptop, including reams of heinous child pornography and Google searches for things like “real underage rape.” In the end, though, the evidence the jury did see proved more than enough. As the jury foreman read the first verdict—”Guilty”—Rafferty closed his eyes.

Behind him, some of Tori’s relatives sobbed uncontrollably.
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Jury finds Michael Rafferty guilty on all counts

  1. To the jury, well done. To the accused who committed these vile repugnant acts of savagery, rot in hell!! To think this vicious, narcissistic animal could have possibly walked away free because the cops supposedly violated his Trudeau Charter “rights” makes me want to puke. Thankfully the evidence collected was enough. When will Canadians finally wake up and demand an exorcism of Trudeaus warped Charter from further distorting our Courts of Justice and eroding our Common Law system.

    • Hear! hear!
      Let’s get rid of warrants and give the State the power to search whoever they want, whenever they want!
      I can’t believe there are murders roaming free as we speak when the Police could be reading everyone’s mail and looking through our garages and probably catching a few of them. If you haven’t done anything wrong why would you object?
      And what if enough evidence can’t be obtained without torture? Are we really going to let murders go free because some Trudopian Commies don’t think we should torture criminals?
      We’re just lucky there was enough despite the police not being allowed to torture him.

      • Poor Lenny is under the delusion that before Trudeau and his warped Charter came along, Canada, and Canadians didn’t have any “rights”. Whats your last name Len, Rafferty? Wipe the Trudopian Kool-Aid from your chin Lenny and admit that your God Pierre wasn’t infallible and his Charter can be a dangerous, undemocratic, unjust ideological straightjacket.

        • So, if police have always needed warrants for searches, what is it you’re whining about?

  2. I must commend the crown for doing an amazing job and a smart jury for making the right decision. Although this is justice for Tori, it is so sad what that innocent child suffered through the hands of this sadist. That family will never have the chance to hug her or watch her grow up and have to live with the horrifying memories of what happened to her. We need to protect our children and get these monsters off the streets!