Just Go With It: the best (and only) way to enjoy Adam Sandler’s latest flick

Film critic Brian D. Johnson thinks Sandler should quit romcoms


Shot and edited by Tom Henheffer
Produced by Claire Ward

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Just Go With It: the best (and only) way to enjoy Adam Sandler’s latest flick

  1. pretty good review, until the end. you made some retarded comments on adam sandler. You don't think he's funny. I get it. but then you call him evil? And a little child? Therefore he should do villains on james bond? Adam Sandler does what he does best, do Adam Sandler type comedy. NOT villains. And believe it or not, people LIKE THAT. So if you're gonna say this movie didn't have any character development, and no depth, you're watching this movie for the wrong reasons. Go watch Lost in Translation and get lost in translation with the rest of the normal world, i.e. the world that likes to laugh and have fun.

  2. Spot on – Sandler is wasting his (limited) talent making the same crappy movie over and over again. Much better to see him as a genuinely evil character, preferably one who, in the final scene, gets riddled with bullets in slow motion, the blood arcing from his body and glittering in the setting sun. Now that would be an Adam Sandler movie worth watching and rewatching.

  3. What is missing from this otherwise good review is some cutting commentary about Jennifer Aniston, America's Blandest Sweetheart.

  4. Er…Fantastic Review guy, might want to lighten up a little. He's just an actor, albeit not a very good one.

  5. Ever wonder why he gets roles after roles, and stupid ones at that? And he is even listed as a movie producer. He sure likes to play alongside the good looking starlets. I put him in the category with Stiller and Wilson, but can't find a title for that category.

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