Just watch them… make fun of Trudeau


I could never bring myself to make light of Canadian royalty, so I’ll leave it up to these guys to do it for me. The above video is at once a screamingly funny and freakishly accurate take on Justin Trudeau’s unspeakable self-indulgence currently eating bandwidth on his campaign website (fils de Pierre is running in Papineau).

Memo to the Prenez garde aux chiens guys: You owe me a coffee, because I spat most of mine all over the desk when I saw this. And I drink the nice stuff. Like Trudeau, probably.


Just watch them… make fun of Trudeau

  1. Funny, I chuckled at Prenez garde aux chiens and then spat out my A&W Diet Root Beer when watching the real thing.

    I guess it depends on the order you watch it.

  2. Heh. I’m not sure it’s the order there Scott.. J.T.’s thing is just plain funny, he’s so incredibly focus-group earnest in it you just have to laugh.

  3. OMFG

    Just had an involuntary bowel movement…

  4. “Les extraterrestres qui vont, one day, in Canada…” LMAO

  5. Hey – stop laughing…this is serious…this is the liberal party’s future.

  6. Justin’s people put up a lot of campaign signs in our riding already. But I won’t be able to look at him the same way now! Luckily, we have a very capable candidate running for the Green Party in Papineau: Ingrid Hein, for anyone looking for alternate options from the incumbent Bloq candidate.

  7. Say what you want, he’s still smokin’ hot

  8. Justin sounds remarkably like his old man. Back then, Canadians thought that old-fart was intelligent.

  9. Oü est mes mouchoirs pour mes speedos?

  10. spoke to someone who had heard Justin speak to a room full of top level business executives. His take: “Justin spoke very earnestly to us, like we were the gymn full of adoring high school students he feasts his ego on.” Having seen the video, I concur.
    Great spoof.

  11. Oh my god, it’s perfect.

    I think everyone is going to get over their shyness of making fun of Justin, very quickly. That is a terrible, terrible video on his site. (Which, incidentally, sure does load slowly.)

  12. Aaaaaaaahahaha, I just got to the end. He really does switch mid-sentence!

  13. This is what happens when you’ve never interacted with someone who wasn’t in love with you.

  14. Justin Turdeau is the Paris Hilton of Canadian politics.

  15. “Say what you want, he’s still smokin’ hot”

    I don’t know.. he’s smokin’ something alright. BC bud perhaps. Hilarious.

  16. Delicious! One problem, i’m not sure which clip between both is the “real” one now. lol

  17. Not the Liberal Party’s future: the country’s. You are looking at your future PRESIDENT (Head of State) of the Republic of Canada.

  18. Justin Trudeau our next president? Give me a break, Endee. First he got to be elected. I doubt that he ever will become the leader of the PLC, because after so many years in the spotlight, nobody knows what are Justin’s stances on some political issues. In fact, Justin’s speeches are just empty shells.

  19. Very interesting that Justin’s website is down, so none of the links to site, nor his famous video, are working…

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