Video: Justin Bieber charged with assault in Toronto


TORONTO – Justin Bieber has been charged in Toronto with assault after police allege he hit a limousine driver several times in the back of the head.

The 19-year-old pop star was escorted by several police officers and a bodyguard through a teeming crowd of journalists and screaming fans when he arrived at a downtown police station tonight.

Bieber was charged with one count of assault and is scheduled to appear in court in Toronto on March 10.

Police allege Bieber was one of six people who were picked up by a limousine from a nightclub in the early morning hours of Dec. 30, and there was an altercation while en route to a hotel.

Police say during the altercation one of the passengers hit the limo driver in the back of the head several times.

Bieber turned himself in to police and spent about two hours in the station before slipping out a back exit.

Check out Sarah Lazarovic’s sketchbook from the evening.

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Video: Justin Bieber charged with assault in Toronto

  1. Bieber is a perfect example of a a GenY/millennial. He’s told friends he want to retire from music and open a tattoo shop.

    • Got to disagree there.
      Bieber is a perfect example of of a spoiled brat who has come into far too much money, too early and has mistaken it for power and those around him for friends. This is an old condition that has claimed victims in every generation since time began.

      • HIs character and his mental state would be the same without the money….I meant the cluelessness.

        • Money like power has the ability to corrupt.
          If he hadn’t been so “successful” so early in life he would have been no different than any other teenager trying to find their way in this world.
          And no matter what he did, the previous generations would all be moaning about “how disrespectful, violent etc the young are today” and how “it was never like that when they were young” and “really that passes for music today?”

          • LOL Justin isn’t ‘corrupted’….he’s clueless. Age doesn’t excuse everything. IQ matters.

            Otherwide he’s a nice polite naive Canadian boy. He’ll probably be the same at 50.

          • According to the article his dad joined him on these jaunts and I think that illustrates only too well that the faults of the current generation. if any, are in fact caused by those who allow them to develop them.
            Like most problems in the world today, the world’s problems are not caused by the young, but rather by those who complain about them.

          • We aren’t talking about ‘kids today’.

          • millenials aren’t “kids today?”

          • This is the sentiment YOU are discussing:

            “The children now love luxury; they have
            bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for elders and love chatter in place of exercise. Children are now tyrants, not the servants of their households. They no longer rise when elders enter the room. They contradict their parents, chatter before company, gobble up dainties at the table, cross their legs, and tyrannize their teachers. Socrates.

            I’m talking about the Millennial/Libertarian mindset of Beiber.

          • Not when you declare all millinials to be moochers you are not. And much as I think that Biebs is a douch*, even I wouldnever describe him as a moocher, his dad maybe; but Biebs earns his keep.

          • His dad abandoned him when he was 2. He’s back now Justin is wealthy.

          • And his dad’s actions did not have anything to do with his way of thinking today?

          • More to the point is that Beiber didn’t kick his ass

    • How you figure? Most millennials have no money, he has more money either of us will ever have in our entire lifetimes. Most millennials are desperately trying to get jobs – he’s already done, his experience is ridiculously removed from the rest of his generation’s.

      That’s like saying Rob Ford is the perfect example of a Baby Boomer because he refuses to take responsibility for anything, denies his problems exist, is a chronic liar and other people do all his work.

      • Bieber is a clueless child….at an age when many people in the world have gone to war, or gotten married, or trained for something he’s gotten rich simply because of the flukey nature of showbusiness.

        He hasn’t even learned anything from travelling, or meeting the people he has. He has no character to back it up. The attitude, the mindset, is millennial..

        Rob Ford isn’t a boomer.

        • I agree with you about Bieber’s character – but how is that a millennial attitude? It’s the same attitude the Beatles had at the beginning of their career, the same attitude that Michael Jackson had, the same attitude that Elvis had.

          Hmm. I guess not, he does seem to have been born four years after the cut-off.

          So, how’s this, Stephen Harper is the perfect example of a boomer. He’s a judgmental hypocrite who thinks other people should be criticized for things he did and he’s more than willing privilege his generation at the expense of both the generation before and the generations after.

          • Millennials are much the same as Libertarians….they want things handed to them without having to do any work. Moochers.

            Many young people go through that stage…..people have to be trained to work. The age varies according to the generation.

            I thought the Boomers would never grow up….but, eventually…..most of them did.

          • Gotta disagree there.
            I work with millenials and while they have their issues most of that can be put down to how they were raised by….. the rest of us.
            I have found them to be very meticulous, keen and adventurous although they do insist on being treated as individuals in everything and expect general information to be delivered as though it is just for them. Yes they are self centred (who wasn’t at that age?) and do place an undue regard for knowing what is the minimum standard required to get the job done; but they just required detailed instructions of what is expected. And we can’t blame anyone else but ourselves, the preceding generations for this. They are possibly the most over tested, bench-marked generation in history, not to mention the most criticised.

            We made them what they are, if they have turned out as something we don’t like then we only have ourselves to blame.

          • Haha. “Libertarians,” did you just learn that word today? That’s not what it means. But regardless, not sure how Bieber is a “moocher” any more than anyone else who got famous for a talent. And you want to talk about millennials – the hardest working generation – wanting things handed to them. The only thing most millenniald want handed to them is a job – where they will gladly work longer hours than their parents for less pay.

            Let’s talk about the millenial work ethic, a friend of mine works at a company where they just began advertising a (paid) internship. That’s one summer job, making less money than the people doing the same thing. They got 400 applications. The person who gets that job is going to have worked harder for it than anyone of your generation ever worked for a job.

            Or we can talk about the elaborate steps people take to get jobs at any software company – and the fact that 80-hour workweeks are the standard.

            But, tell me more about how entitled young people are, please, I’d like to hear it. Maybe you can tell me about how you started your own business before you were 30?

            And yes, the baby boomers did grow up. They abandoned all that hippie nonsense and voted for Harper. Good for them. Too bad you didn’t.

          • Libertarians were in Alberta in the 60s and so was I

            Don’t whine to me about how tough you have it, kid. I haven’t the slightest sympathy for you.

            PS More than 6 in 10 Canadians did not vote for Harper

            PPS I was never a hippie. Most boomers weren’t.

          • I’m not whining. I love working hard. Everyone I know does. But don’t you dare call me a moocher. I’ve earned everything I have.

            I worked my way through university and when I got out and there weren’t any jobs, I created one. That’s my experience and that’s the experience of a lot of the people I know. We’re building this country back up to what it was before it was trashed by two generations of laziness. A nation of people who make things, who invent things, who start small businesses.

            PS How ironic then that the generation most likely to vote Conservative is yours, while mine is the least likely.

            PPS Good to hear, I have slightly more respect for your than I did before.

          • Libertarians and millennials are moochers….they want to enjoy all the benefits of our society…..healthcare, free eduation, police, roads etc….without paying any taxes.

            There were no ‘two generations of laziness’….it’s obvious that one thing you didn’t take in university was Canadian history.

            ‘Make things’? Like on a factory line? ‘Invent things’? Not likely. ‘Start small businesses?’ Most of them go bankrupt within 5 years. You sound like you’re trying to live in 1776

            No, young people don’t vote con. In fact the majority of people don’t.

            PS I haven’t the slightest interest in your ‘respect’. When you’re my age, you’ll know why.

          • millenials are not moochers.
            Some are and some aren’t – just like every other cohort in history.

          • If we can talk about ‘boomers’ and Gen Y and Gen X as a group, we can talk about ‘millennials’

          • ” I was never a hippie. Most boomers weren’t.”
            Then hello hippy

          • Again you are moving from a discussion about a group to a personal one between myself and SatJ

            And Boomers and hippies aren’t the same group.

          • And not all millenials are moochers
            It’s not hard, just be honest

          • Again you have confused two separate things.

          • Don’t think the millennials, who vote for the NDP in larger numbers than any other demographic group have any problem with taxes. Especially the huge percentage of unemployed young people who don’t have to pay any taxes. It’s the boomers (who vote for the Conservatives in larger numbers than any other group) who gripe about high taxes the most.

            Small business employ more Canadians than any other sector. They drive our economy. Failure is how people learn. If people thought the way you did, no one would ever try.

            Sarcasm about people inventing things? You’re using a computer to comment on a website using the Disqus platform which was, *GASP* invented by a couple dreaded millenials. You probably should boycott it.

            It’s funny, you complain about Stephan Harper and the Conservatives so much I thought you were a left-winger but you don’t really espouse any left-wing views. Just negative views about everything. Guess you’re not a leftist, just a world-hating misanthrope. You talk about people growing up but your attitudes are ones that most people get over around the time they turn 17.

          • Ah well now…. you see I’ve been told by other angry types like yourself that millennials are solidly Con/Liberarian in their politics. Boomers are the former hippies, remember?

            You guys really need to deal with your concepts.

            Mmm go look up Bill Gates, and Steve Job and Musk etc and tell me how ‘millennial’ they are, dude.

            I’m a very positive person….optimistic….just not about the dumbed down collapsing western world personified by yourself and crew.

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