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Justin Bieber on Anne Frank: ‘Hopefully she would have been a belieber’


Justin Bieber visits Anne Frank House

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Justin Bieber at the Anne Frank Museum. pic.twitter.com/oceGPmTkkLJustin Bieber Fans∞
Justin and some of the crew visiting the Anne Frank museum in Amsterdam yesterday pic.twitter.com/z5fDYYBkfA#AATWvideo!
The visit was noted by Anne Frank House on its Facebook page: 
Justin Bieber at Anne Frank House #Amsterdam – still struggling to believe he’d write this in guestbook pic.twitter.com/OWcc95zinoanna holligan
After the tour of the Anne Frank House, the teen star wrote the following in the guest book: “Truly inspiring to be able to come here. Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber.”
Next came headlines: 
Justin Bieber hopes Anne Frank "would have been a belieber." on.cnn.com/15dp8rACNN Breaking News
Incredibly, a true story: Justin Bieber visits Anne Frank house, says he hopes she would have been a ‘Belieber.’ cnn.com/2013/04/14/sho…Michael Pilla
Did he just say that? Justin Bieber’s visit to the Anne Frank House Museum causes a stir her.ie/s/10745Her.ie
And a sampling of reaction, though you can probably imagine:
Justin Bieber visited Anne Frank’s house and did one of the stupidest, and borderline offensive, things possible logo.to/ZiKiQKNewNowNext
This is what happens when you create a generation of people who are historically illiterate and culturally moronic: ccwc.me/YUXbkpCharles C. W. Cooke
Good god, even when you try to ignore him he does everything in his power to court your hatred… http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/i-hope-she-would-have-been-a-belieber-justin-bieber-on-his-visit-to-the-anne-frank-museum-8572442.htmlGrant Howard
I just Googled "Justin Bieber and Anne Frank", and I hate each and every one of you for making me do it.Al In The County
A few laughs at the absurdity of the suggestion: 
I agree with Justin Bieber. Anne Frank would’ve loved his stuff.It’s perfect for being played really really quietly so no one can hear it.Ricky Gervais
As dusk falls over Amsterdam, Anne Frank lights a solitary candle to stare longingly at her Justin Bieber poster. "Omg his bangs," she says.Brandon Gutermuth
"Who is Anne Frank and why did Justin Bieber go to her house? He never comes to my house. Jealous." – Beliebers everywhereAndrew Kaczynski
Some Tweeps noted to CNN that the development was not exactly “breaking news.”
1. Not breaking 2. Inappropriate by Bieber. “@cnnbrk: Justin Bieber hopes Anne Frank "would have been a belieber." on.cnn.com/15dp8rA”Lenny Smith
Think it is time to unfollow CNN. RT @cnnbrk Justin Bieber hopes Anne Frank "would have been a belieber." on.cnn.com/15dp8rAMicah Tannenbaum
Dear @CNN, this is NOT Breaking News RT @CNNBRK Justin Bieber hopes Anne Frank "would have been a belieber." on.cnn.com/15dp8rAtara flanagan

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Justin Bieber on Anne Frank: ‘Hopefully she would have been a belieber’

  1. Is there any way the media can ignore this little twit? He’s like catnip to the paparazzi and their enablers…like MacLean’s.

  2. While his comment was clearly not well thought out, I find it even worse that he hasn’t the respect to remove his hat, sunglasses, abd hood. It’s practically a shrine you twit, not the local mall.

  3. Hey let me say this I agree with Justin, what was wrong or inappropriate
    About what he said??? How old was Anne Frank then 16 so why wouldn’t
    A teen age girl if she was in this era I also believe she may have been a belieber?
    Ab Lincoln may have dug Jimi Hendrix, Ghandi may have been a Maroon 5 fan.
    Princess Di maybe Alicia keys, Gaga and Beyoncé! !! That’s not disrespectful
    If any of those had or could have said or wrote these celebrated humans
    Could have been one of their fans!!!

    Why not I love and respect Anne Frank. Let’s focus on the fact he spent an hour in the
    Museum before he wrote what he did..Go Bieb!

    • You are among the most idiotic, concupiscent people I have ever met. Keep your hormones under control, you sloshing bag of shitwater.