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Justin Trudeau does an “I’m eating my cookie” spoof


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Justin Trudeau does an “I’m eating my cookie” spoof

  1. Can't wait for that boy to be pm.

    • I can. Don't rush him before he's ready. And he won't be ready for quite some time.

  2. I'm not sure whether to laugh hysterically or cry in despair over this ding-dong ultimately becoming the Liberal leader.

    I suppose it is somehow befitting that the "laugh now, cry later" masks would be worn in response to a drama teacher.

    • I believe it was PC Mulroney who stated "Don't compare me to perfection, compare me to John Baird."

  3. Judging by these photos, he does not seem inclined to bite off more than he can chew.
    While many would love to see him belly up to the table ready to gorge as quickly as possible, he seems to understand that small bites make for a better, longer and more satisfying dining experience.

    Perhaps he understands the meaning of just desserts

    • I find your analysis hard to swallow.

      • Really, the pictures told the story.
        If you find it a bit dry, you are welcome to come join me for a cup of elitist tea; just a sip and you'll hardly notice the crumbs. Afterwards we can read the leaves. It's almost as fun as interpreting polls ;)

  4. I think he looked better in his Coyote Jacket…just sayin….

  5. Not sure why, but the punk band, The Dead Kennedy's just crossed my mind.

  6. When's he going to get on a Sea-doo?

  7. Poor Iggy – can you imaghine what it must be like to have the ol bay st gang inviting young justin over to bounce on their knees and fawn over only to be Iggy sitting back in his office and wonder how long he can avoid handing a file to justin so young T can be a critic and then an actually elected as a leader and then become PM – it's a given folks Justin will be PM someday it is wriiten in the stars ROFL!

  8. lol,
    He forgot the – I Am Canadian Move

  9. Enough already of Justin Trudeau!!
    What;s the fixation with him?
    Can't a week go by without him appearing in Capital Diary!!!!
    There are more interesting MP's than this guy!!!!