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Justin Trudeau vs Patrick Brazeau: the weigh-in

Photos from the charity boxing match pre-party


Liberal MP Justin Trudeau and Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau held a weigh-in at the Aulde Dubliner & Pour House before their big charity boxing match on Saturday in Ottawa. Fight for the Cure 2012 is an annual fundraising initiative for the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation. Since training for the event Trudeau has put on 20 pounds. His shirt collars are now too tight and he can’t do up the top bottom. Brazeau says his weight has pretty much remained the same. Brazeau, who is 5-feet-10 weighed in at 183 pounds, while Trudeau, who is 6-foot-2, is now 180 pounds. Tory MP Patrick Brown, who was at the bar, said he would also be happy to battle Trudeau so long as it was on ice and they were wearing skates and hockey equipment. Bal Gosal, Minister of State (Sport), noted this was one sports event where he would not remain neutral and sported a Brazeau T-shirt which said Patrick “Brazzknuckles” Brazeau. The majority in the bar were Brazeau supporters.

Justin Trudeau (left) and Partrick Brazeau.


Justin Trudeau.


Justin Trudeau.


Bal Gosal, Minister of State (Sport) and Tory MP Patrick Brown.


Justin Trudeau vs Patrick Brazeau: the weigh-in

  1. Was it cold inside the bar? Poor little Patrick.

  2.  Patrick Brazeau was appointed to the Senate at the age of 33.
     That is even better than winning the cash for life lottery

  3. Brazeau is such a jerk; I do hope Justin wins.  Given his bravado and offensive remarks lately, Brazeau has a lot to lose.  Justin, on the other hand, wins even if he loses. 

  4. Thank you, Mr. Raphael, for sparing us from a picture of the Senator’s butt cheeks.  The National Post was not so kind. 

  5. At least Trudeau wore shorts

  6. There have been many appointments to the Canadian Senate that demonstrate a certain contempt for the institution on behalf of the Prime Minister of the day. Some are less subtle than others.

  7. The word is out that if Trudeau manages to win the fight, Senator Duffy will challenge him.
    Now that would be a weigh-in.

  8. Supprised to see that female heteros and gays have such influence on Parliament Hill.
    Once the lesbians take over Parliament, you’ll see some gender balance. Suddenly, you will see female politicians,  half-naked, ready to mud-wrestle. Wait for it, Progress is coming.

    •  We’ve always had gays and lesbians in parliament, including in the cabinet as we do now…but the only ‘mud wrassle’ anyone has is QP.

  9. Looking at the photos along, it looks like Trudeau doesn’t stand a chance.

    • ALWAYS judge by the photos and NEVER bother to read any copy.

      • What is that supposed to mean?

      •  Any layman can see that this is boy vs. man in terms of physiques. If Mr. Trudeau pulls off a win, I would be very impressed.

        •  Any layman ought then to realize that physique means about as much in boxing as the colour of your shorts. Trudeau has literally decades more boxing experience than Brazeau, whose karate black belt and military service mean as much in boxing as – you guessed it – physique. I’d say Justin has decent odds of taking home the win.

        •  Impressed yet?

  10. Is that Jelly Roll Kincaid manning the camera in the first pic? 

  11. Is that really the most qualified candidate Harper could find for the senate? I guess he does like his senators dumb and complicit so they tow the party line like sheep.

  12. Now we even get more “over exposure” of Trudeau, even without the weekly love in Mitchel in Capital Diary.

  13. Mr. T. looks like a utility grade chicken.

  14. If not for his fathers name (The worst PM that Canada had in 50 years) Justin is a nobody. But even with his fathers name he is still a nobody