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Karzai said to have a “fondness” for opium, heroin

Former UN envoy questions Afghan leader’s mental stability


The UN’s former no. 2 official in Afghanistan says drug abuse may be to blame for Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s predilection for “tirades” and “emotional” behaviour. “Some of the palace insiders say that he has a certain fondness for some of Afghanistan’s most profitable exports,” says Peter Galbraith, in a euphemistic reference to opium or heroin. Galbraith was fired from his UN post last September after he accused his boss, Kaie Eide, of willfully ignoring evidence of election fraud in the vote that handed Karzai another term. His accusations come on the heels of a series of troubling statements by the Afghan president, who recently threatened to join the Taliban and suggested foreigners, including Galbraith, had tried to rig the last election. Galbraith said the Obama administration should impose strict limits on Karzai’s powers inside the country and questioned the value of the mission if the Karzai government doesn’t prove himself to be a more “reliable partner.”


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Karzai said to have a “fondness” for opium, heroin

  1. Karzai is a doper! Awesome. He can't be all bad!

  2. can you really trust what the government says?

  3. Interesting facts: In 2000 Taliban leadership took over and declared opium sales were "un-Islamic" and Afghan exports were cut; In 2001 US occupies Afghanistan and exports increased 33 fold in 5 years; Afghan heroin now represents more than 90% of world supply valued at $400-500 billion (street) annually.

  4. He is not the vaild President, he stole the election and the UN and everyone else knows it. NATO should toss him out and let the real winner of the election form a government. By allowing the crooked election to stand we dug ourselves a hole, time to get out of it.