Keeping Luke Schenn with the big club? Bad idea.


It’s a widely held joke across this country that Leafs fans view the world with rather distorted blinders. But this whole Luke Schenn love affair has gotten a little out of hand. There’s no doubt that the kid is going to be a stud in the NHL for a long time. Everyone can agree that he has the skills and desire to succeed. (His fight with tough guy Chris Neil on Saturday is ample evidence of that). Yet I think it’s a bad move to keep him in the NHL this year for several reasons. Firstly, despite the fact that he looks comfortable on the ice, his stats are brutal: zero points and a -3 rating through eight games. Secondly, the Leafs are going to go through some tough times this year–let me rephrase that, horrible stretches–and Luke would probably be better served to avoid the Leafs serious growing pains in year one of the rebuilding process. Thirdly, the Leafs have way too many D on the back end and are desperate to trade either Ian White, who hasn’t played a game because of the log jam and is thus difficult to move, or Carlo Colaiacovo. Carlo could be a star in the NHL if he just avoided the injury bug and was given some ice time. But Ron Wilson is convinced that this is the best move for Schenn and the club. Time will tell, but let’s pray this doesn’t turn into another Drake Berehowsky experiment. Last I heard he was playing for the Berlin Polar Bears.


Keeping Luke Schenn with the big club? Bad idea.

  1. I’m out of the loop. What happened to their $4 million man, Jeff Finger?

  2. He played his first game against Ottawa – he’s been out with a foot injury all pre-season.

  3. Or was it the Orlando Solar Bears?

    On Schenn: I was for demotion, and I think the most obvious comparison is the case of Jay Bouwmeester, whose current ability makes you forget the six years he spent getting this good. Some of those seasons were outright miserable—the Panthers haven’t made the playoffs once during his time there.

    Small wonder that he won’t sign a contract for more than year with Florida. A year of dominating juniors and another in the minors would not have hurt him after he was drafted in ’02. Instead they made him out to be the second coming of Christ and rushed him straight into service. Turns out he was just plain old Jay Bouwmeester, who today has obvious qualms about his employer.

  4. It’s great to see the Leafs keeping Schenn up. Logging over 20 minutes a night on this young team and only a -3 rating I’m surprised it’s not a lot worse then it is.

  5. no points?? he’s a defensive defenceman. not supposed to score a lot of points. his minus 3 probably can be partly attributed to kaberle’s terrifically strong, tough defensive play that he has shown over all these years.
    I disagree with the authors point of view.

  6. Its also nice to see the leafs do some opposite to what the talking heads in the media, aka, bob mackenzie, damian cox,darren dreger and others have told them for the first time in many years by keeping him.
    Not that signing, mccabe, tucker and others had anything to do with the talking head media, Did it?

  7. Mr. Cameron Ainsworth-Vincze got it right. All those that oppose his point of view are just the people he mentions in the article – so take off your distorted blinders! They’re not going to win the Cup this year (or ever again), so develop the kid and don’t force the issue, he’ll be better in the long run. They should send him down and let him light it up in Junior and come back next year ready to break someone’s neck.

  8. “his stats are brutal: zero point and a -3 rating through eight games.”

    When you’re parroting the most moronic of Damien cox, you’ve already lost the arguement. It’s like bringing up Hitler.

    If there’s anyone who needs to be sent back to junior, it’s clearly the wonderflop Stamkos.

  9. No matter how glaringly awful the Buds are in any given year, there is absolutely no way for them to quietly leave the national stage, is there? How’s the gravity in the centre of the universe, Cameron?

  10. Shades of Jeff Ware … remember him? A defensive stud the Leafs would rebuild their team around. Too much pressure, too soon …bust! It’s not like Schenn was head and shoulders above the competition in junior hockey last year … -3 in 7 playoff games, second all-star team. The poor kid should not have to endure this year in Toronto.

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