Keeping the Prairies safe from terror

Mounties to launch an anti-terror unit in Edmonton and Calgary


For all our fear of global terrorism, the real threat may be homegrown, according to the RCMP. Alarmed by the spate of pipeline bombings in northeastern B.C., the Mounties are launching a 40-member unit to be based in Edmonton and Calgary to complement those already in place in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. The officers will be on the lookout for international terrorists, just like their counterparts in other cities. But it seems clear their real job will be protecting Canada’s energy infrastructure, on which the entire continent depends.

Edmonton Journal

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Keeping the Prairies safe from terror

  1. Better us than the U.S.

  2. Another feel good exercise that will not make us one bit safer. Just a good carrer maker for some upwardly mobile cops. They will harrass and annoy people who are no threat to anyone, make a nuisance of themselves at airports, confiscating poppies from 80 year old war vets, and arresting prairie dogs crossing the border illegally. Then someday some loon will roll an A-bomb in right under their noses, blow up Fort Mcmurray and they will be absolutely stunned and say there was no way they could have seen it coming. Cheers.