Kelowna considers flying pro-life flag


Kelowna could become the first major city in B.C. to wear its opinions on its flag. Their city hall is considering flying a pro-life flag during the last week of September, which the city calls “Protect Human Life Week.”

Kelowna has been honouring this event for the past five years.

The flag design is red white and blue with red stripes and red writing that reads “pro-life,” along with silhouettes of a toddler, an adult, and elderly person. City hall rejected the original design of the flag which read: “From conception to natural death.”

Right now, another flag is flying over city hall in Kelowna: A rainbow one. It’s only the second year ever that the city has raised it to acknowledge gay pride festivities.

Similar pro-life flags have been raised in places like Guelph and Whitby, Ontario.

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Kelowna considers flying pro-life flag

  1. Nice to see someone, somewhere cares about the unborn.

  2. Amazingly these people don’t seem to be anti-war. Oh wait, those are brown folks we’re attacking.

    • Yes, that’s right, pro-life = racist. Thank you for that insightful addition to the conversation.

      • It’s always been racist, Gaunilon

        • Yes, I’ll be sure to mention that to the many non-white pro-lifers standing with me at the next Life Chain.

          • LOL I”m not to blame for their gullibility.

            Or yours either, for that matter.

  3. Do all the pro-lifers also care about all the kids who HAVE BEEN BORN but are now starving in Africa, India, and on First Nations Reserves? Kids in foster homes and orphanages? How about single moms who can’t afford to keep their kids? Maybe you should get out there and start looking after those kids who are dying, being abused and living shitty lives instead of worrying about fetuses that have yet to be born.

    And if you do already then kudos to you… you’re not a hypocrite. But let’s be honest, most aren’t doing anything to help other than insisting on applying their morals and values onto others.

    • Yeah, actually, we do. Maybe you should get out there and meet a few pro-lifers, and start worrying less about whether we’re helping enough single moms and orphaned kids with our time and money, and more about the 100000 unborn children being killed every year in Canada with your implicit consent.

    • You have no reason to make the accusations you are. What are YOU doing about the children in Africa, India, and on the First Nations Reserves? You would be utterly surprised at the amount of money and work that pro-life organisations give to those less fortunate. Pro-lifers protect the right of a baby to be born. So let’s be hones: you’re on the outside looking in, and since you don’t have experience with pro-life groups don’t make accusations you can’t prove.

    • “Do all the pro-lifers also care about all the kids who HAVE BEEN BORN
      but are now starving in Africa, India, and on First Nations Reserves?”

      Yes. Now that being said, I’m willing to bet that you claim to care, but are you busy going to homeless shelters in Toronto or Vancouver ripping food out of the needy’s mouths and sticking it into an envelope to Africa? Or do you accept that while we can *care* about everybody its not possible to efficiently *do* for everybody to the same degree with limited resources, and that you don’t have to solve every moral injustice simultaneously?

  4. Lived in central BC for a few years. The place is full of religious nutters, perhaps it has something to do with all that fresh fruit?

    • Yes, that’s right, pro-life = “nutter”. Thank you for that insightful addition to the conversation.

      • I think he said, religious = nutters, but you can read it your way if you want

    • In Toronto, they love abortion there!

      • idiot, who the hell is pro-abortion? Its called pro-choice as in freedom to let a woman do what they want to their bodies. I bet you are one of those fucktards who rail against government yet forget who runs the road, hospitals, military, water, sewer, safety of food, medicine, standards and the like but heaven forbid when a person wants a right to do as they wish to themselves. Ever occur to you that people like you don’t want anyone intruding into your beliefs but surely demand others behave and act as you do?

  5. In 100 years every city in Canada will be doing this, and people will be astonished that Canadian society was ever so barbaric as to allow the murder of inconvenient children.

    • In 100 years, your elderly great grand children will be ashamed of you for almost every single belief you have publicly held here.

      • Maybe they’ll be thankfull that we “chose” to let them live.

  6. Abortion has always had a racial tint to it. Margaret Sanger(the “mother of Planned Parenthood”) was a racist who believed in eugenics. Her organization has been very successful in the U.S. where blacks make up 12% of population but make up 40% of the aborted babies. Many of the biggest abortion centers are in minority neighborhoods. Her organization has hurt more blacks than the KKK. Yet, progressives like Emily treat the organization like it is the holy grail.
    P.S. Afghans would be racially categorized as caucasian. So, not just is your statement wrong but factually it makes no sense.
    Oh yeah, Haggis what do you do to help children in need? Or are you given a pass because you are an abortion supporter? Its okay that you don’t help kids in need because you view abortion as a kind of mercy killing, eh? I’ll put up what I have done to help children versus your sit on the couch and complain bit any day.

    • Eugenics was pushed by many a conservative organisation back in the day, not least of which were the christian churches. If you want to appear as though you have the gen, then at least be complete.

  7. Canada’s abortion position is backward and behind the rest of the world. Look at most of the world and you will see that abortion on demand doesn’t exist in the large majority of countries. Worldwide, the general move has been to tighten abortion laws. One, Hungary just passed a pro-life constitution which only allows for abortion in limited circumstances. Two, Russia has greatly tightened its abortion laws(to bring up its birthrate) and there is a great deal of pressure to outlaw abortion. Three, South Korea is now prosecuting under its old abortion laws which had previously been widely ignored. Fourth, it looks like Georgia and several other former Soviet republics are looking at outlawing abortion on demand. Fifth, it looks like Bulgaria might outlaw abortion on demand. Sixth, it looks like there will be some sort of tightening of Turkish abortion law. Also, the Dominician Republic, Nicaragua, and several other countries have now put the right to life in their constitutions. In the western hemisphere, Canada and only 3 other countries allow abortion on demand. Two of those countries(Communist Cuba and Suriname) allow abortion on demand for only the 1st trimester. The other remaining country is the U.S. which is moving in the direction of removing abortion on demand in most states(once Roe vs Wade is overturned). This makes Canada the most extreme out of 52 countries in the western hemisphere. So, much for our traditional Canadian moderation.

  8. Too many conservatives fail to realize that abortion is actually good for Canada. The information I see shows that Conservative Party supporters are the least likely to abort(after Christian Heritage Party supporters of course). It is left leaning people who are more willing to abort their unborn children. In turn, this is leading to lower birthrates among left-leaning Canadians. This means that over time a greater and greater percentage of the population will grow up in Conservative dominated households. Is it any coincidence that Quebec the most left-wing province has a very high abortion rate and a birthrate in the toilet? There is an old saying in politics about how if your opponent is making a mistake don’t stop him. Abortion was first legalized in 1969. Look at our prime minister now. Could a man as conservative as Harper got elected in say the 1990’s(Campbell), 80’s(Mulroney),70’s(Clark), 60’s, or even the 50’s (remember Diefenbaker)? The answer is no. The electorate would not have been as right leaning. However, we have over the last decade begun to see an increasing amount of the Canadian electorate move towards a party that keeps pushing rightward. Give a hand to lefties that don’t want kids. They have helped make this possible.

    • What you fail to realize is that pro-lifers care more about saving lives than about winning political battles. If abortion wins us a long-term political battle in 50 years at the cost of another 5 million Canadian children murdered (i.e. at the current rate), we would count that as a continuation of the current tragedy, not a win.

      That they are largely the children of the selfish egoists on the Left doesn’t particularly console us. It’s not the fault of these children that their parents are so irresponsible and callous, and even if it were, that wouldn’t justify infanticide.

      Your argument makes more sense with respect to contraceptives, where no one is affected except the parents who choose not to have a child. With abortion, a child already in utero gets her limbs torn off. You are arguing that pro-lifers should be ok with this because those children might some day oppose us. That is as callous and repulsive as the pro-abortion position that children can be killed for being inconvenient.

      • If they actually cared about saving lives, they’d want abortion legal. Because making it illegal doesn’t save anybody, it just endangers more mothers who go to the back-alley abortionists.

        If they actually cared about saving lives, they’d want after death organ donation mandatory, and the government to be able to compel people to donate blood and what other organs they could during their lifetimes.

        And if they really cared about life, then they’d argue just as strongly that abortion after rape should also be illegal.

        Perhaps some do.

        Most, at least that I’ve talked to, don’t.

    • Pro-lifers even care about all lives, not just of those who may later be on our side. We don’t think it’s OK to kill people just because they may disagree with us later.

    • Gaunilon, I respect your position. However, I am looking at all fronts in Canada’s political struggle. Before Harper, we had Liberals(under Trudeau, Pearson, and Mackenzie King) moving us towards big government socialism. The same goes for the supposedly reformed “business friendly but union owned” left-wing NDP. These guys dramatically expanded the size of government. Meanwhile, they worked to undermine our society and its traditions. They downplayed our ties to the monarchy and our proud warrior tradition. Instead, they used government healthcare, multiculturalism, and big spending to define us as different from the U.S. They pushed for a justice system that coddled criminals instead of punished them(do away with death penalty while bringing in the faint hope clause). They restricted the right of law abiding citizens to own firearms. Then, they passed laws that allowed law abiding citizens to be prosecuted when they defended themselves. The Canadian left seemed to embrace the Nicholas Sarkozy line that “citizens don’t have a natural right to self defense. That is the job of police.” They pushed for a government as big as France’s and a “libertine” society as screwed up as the Netherlands. Successive conservative leaders like Kim Campbell, Mulroney, Joe Clark, and even Diefenbaker just accepted this when they came to power.
      For the first time in my life, this has now changed. We have a government that is gradually now moving the country back to the right. We see that this current government emphasizes the war of 1812, the role of loyalists that fled the U.S., and our relationship to the monarchy(including putting the word royal back in the armed forces). Under Harper, we have a government that is cutting taxes and reducing regulations. We see the government getting rid of useless public sector entities like the Canadian Wheat Board. We have a government that is actually supportive of us developing our natural resources(oil sands and various mining operations). The current government has dumped the stupid Kyoto Agreement. This government has actually stood up to the unions. We have a government that has reformed the immigration system. Our government has finally armed border guards so that they can actually protect the border. What a novel concept! They have started to move the armed forces away from the Pearson era role of simply peacekeepers at the disposal of the U.N. to a well trained and equipped combat force that can fight and win! Our government has done away with the useless long gun registry. It has also taken the first step to give Canadians back the right to defend themselves without arrest. It has also started to place some restrictions on the kangeroo courts known as the human rights commissions. There is more that I would like to see done. Like selling off all crown corporations(like in Australia), bringing back the death penalty for the most heinous crimes, passing a castle doctrine self defense law(like in the U.S.), allowing law abiding citizens to have concealed carry after a background check and firearm course, and ending the human rights commissions. However, I realize that this will take time. The important thing is not to be thrown off our game and the abortion debate will probably do that. We are making the first strides in saving our country from the left. Lets keep going!

      • Wow! Is the CPC paying you by the word?

  9. Ever since I left Kelowna, I have become increasingly religious. Every day I thank God I left that city.

  10. Anyone that remembers life in the womb please raise your hand. I thought as much. Put your crazy religious beliefs aside and look at the impact human infestation has had on the planet. Get over yourselves.

    • And do you remember, say, the fist six months of your life outside the womb? Do you really want to make that the standard?

    • I don’t remember anything from roughly the first 4 years of my life. Does that mean that it is okay to knock off kids before they hit age 4?

    • We’re basically animals until we are self aware. How many animals are killed daily? Do you fly a flag promoting animal rights?

  11. WHAT ABOUT EXPONENTIAL POPULATION GROWTH AND IT’S RELATION TO WANING RESOURCES! (Yes, I am shouting.) Today’s anti-abortion enthusiasts won’t have to live in the world they are leaving for all the children they’ll “save”. Food and water shortages in places where population explosion is rampant (eg, Asia) are already torturing mothers and children in those countries where birth control and abortion aren’t legal, available or safe. Even at the most conservative estimates, the UN predicts at least 8 billion people on this planet by 2025 (~1 million more than in 2011).

    • *(~1 billion more than in 2011)

  12. I find the inconsistency in pro-life view astonishing. No pro-lifer would ever want the government to tell them what to do with their lives. However, they feel very comfortable telling others when they should become parents, which is a life-altering event, creating lifelong commitments, and putting people’s lives on its head. The question is not whether it’s an easy question or not, it’s about who should make that decision. And I just don’t see why the government is the right person.

    I would take pro-lifers seriously if they agreed to adopt every child who is about to be aborted. But this will of course never happen because they wouldn’t want the commitment that is required. They only want other people to commit themselves. They would also see this as an unacceptable intrusion into their lives by the government. The government is only supposed to interfere with other people’s lives, not their own.

    Sorry, but I just can’t these folks seriously.

  13. Deuteronomy 23:2 — A bastard shall not enter into the congregation of the Lord; even to his tenth
    generation shall he not enter into the congregation of the Lord.
    So, like, wow. Me and 300 years of my offspring are banned from the Church because of something I had zero say in.
    I was illegitimate. Well, at least until I was laundered through adoption.
    It never ceases to amaze me that the people who were so determined to cause my birth were the same people who were then so shocked and morally outraged when it actually occured.

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