Kenney re-hires former aide -

Kenney re-hires former aide

Kasra Nejatian returns to Immigration Minister’s office despite office letterhead controversy



Immigration Minister Jason Kenney has re-hired Kasra Nejatian, his former senior aide who was forced to quit after the minister was accused of using his public office for partisan purposes, The Globe and Mail reports. Nejatian allegedly used Kenney’s ministerial letterhead in a package outlining the Conservatives’ fundraising strategy for ethnic outreach, which was mistakenly sent to NDP MP Linda Duncan instead of Conservative MP John Duncan. While Nejatian quit following the controversy, it appears to have had little effect on the minds of voters on May 2. Kenney took responsibility for the error, which he said would not have happened had ne not been in representing Canada during a state funeral in Islamabad at the time. “Kasra is very talented and will be a very positive contributor to our government,” said Kenney’s spokeswoman Celyeste Power. “We’re happy to have him back.” It is expected that Nejatrian will become the Kenney’s director of communications.




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Kenney re-hires former aide

  1. Losing candidates getting placed back in the Senate, why should this story come as a surprise.  I am waiting for the return of Bruce Carson and Sebastien
    Togneri.  We have four to five years to watch this stuff and by that time this story will be long gone.  It has become very difficult to explain ethics to my kids these days.

    • Well, you can explain compassion, forgiveness and 2nd chances instead.  I do not think that every error is of the magnitude that it should cause a hard-working person to lose their livelihood. 

      • Well said, good for Kenney!!

      • Tell that to Helena Geurgis.  Oh, wait, she actually didn’t do anything wrong.

        The thing is, if I work for someone (and I do) I know better than to get paid from my employer to work on stuff for, say, the Liberals.  Perhaps I’ll stay after hours and pay for photocopies I make.  (and I have done that.)  If a person can be so ethically deficient that they can accept pay from one source to work on some other entities’ work, what other things might they not bat an eye at?

        • Bingo! Very well put.

        • Okay 2Jenn, the Liberal party leader ranted and raved about Helena Guergis and her bad behavior at the Halifax airport.  He demanded she resign her cabinet post on that occasion.  Then her assistant called into a radio talk show without disclosing her identity and praised Helena, leading the opposition to demand that the assistant be turfed.  Further, suggestions were made that perhaps Helena put her up to the call.    Imagine our shock then a when she suddenly became a sympathetic figure in the eyes of Michael Ignatieff.  Had Harper thrown out of cacaus after she brow beat security staff at the Halifax airport, would Ignatieff still have sent her a baby gift?
          As to your other example.  If you worked for a Liberal MP during election time and by mistake sent out some re-election propaganda on the wrong letterhead, should you be fired?  That is the question here.  Do you a citation for us of any interview with Kenny’s assistant saying the work was done on govt time?  If not, you don’t know if this person did the work on their lunch hr.
          Otherwise, I agree with you.  It is theft of time.  Photocopying using your employer’s photocopier is theft of resources; as is using the fax machine.  Going on the internet and accepting private calls when it isn’t your break is also theft of time.  If everyone was fired who was guilty of theft of time or resources in any capacity, there would be no workforce.

          • You sir are quite the contortionist.

          • I am just saying that not every offense is worthy of a firing.

          • I agree with that.  However, this wasn’t even an offence.  This was an underbussing.  Usually you get rewarded with a different position after getting publicly run over for your boss.

        • The only way your example would be in anyway the same is if your “supervisor” was working on the Liberal campaign and asked you to do the work.  At least admit that the assistant was working at Kenny (her boss’) behest.

      • Sorry, but the message I get is that, now that they have a majority, they think they can carry on operating the CPC out of government offices with impunity.

        I didn’t believe Kenney’s lame excuse to begin with, and now his aide gets rewarded for taking the fall with reinstatement.

        I guess there weren’t any Senate openings…

        • Well at least you can see Keith, that the assistant likely “took the fall”.  Maybe you can also take off your partisan hat for a minute and see that if you went around firing everybody the way that it is demanded in the house of commons, our work force would dwindle quickly.

  2. This just in:  Jason Kenney is strong enough to lift a bus!

  3. Conservatives continue the fundraising advantage. With the party subsidies on the way out and the Conservatives controlling government, their cash flow will be double that of all opposition parties combined by next election I am sure.

    And look for more fundraisers from government contract recipients. And more Government of Canada fundraising initiatives for the Conservative party. Separation between the government and the ruling party is eroding. Kenney’s GOVERNMENT OF CANADA employee will continue fundraising for the CONSERVATIVE PARTY OF CANADA I am sure. That is our tax dollars supporting the fundraising initiatives of a political party.

    It used to be that government employees didn’t work for political parties. Once upon a time…

  4. Good for Kenney – bet the guy doesn’t make anymore mistakes. 

    And Oda is back doing a terrific job at International Co-operation.

    I’m luvin’ this, lol!!!