Kent shifts position in climate talks

Ottawa now calling for a binding treaty by 2015


Environment Minister Peter Kent pulled a U-turn at the global climate talks in Durban, South Africa, calling for negotiations on a new legally binding climate treaty by 2015. Two days earlier he had called the Kyoto Protocol a thing of the past for Canada. On Thursday, the minister also said a new treaty should include the United States, which did not join Kyoto. He rejected a suggested three-year pause in negotiations to allow the UN to review progress made by various countries on greenhouse-gas reductions.

The Globe and Mail

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Kent shifts position in climate talks

  1. Kent, two days from now: “What? Nobody ready to join us ‘way out here at the very fringes of the leading edge?

    Oh well, too bad. We tried. Notice how progressive we are now, though?”

  2. Flip flop, flip flop. Do we have any politicians in Canada with the guts to get us out of this scam called Kyoto?? I thought not.

  3. How is this a U-turn or a flip flop? Any new, legally binding climate treaty will not be Kyoto.

    Besides, Kyoto is defunct. United States was not a signee, and developing countries like China and India were not penalized under clean development mechanism.

    Why not create a new climate protocol?

  4. Somewhere, lost in the woods perhaps… Stephan Dion is looking for his dog… “Kyoto!?… Kyoto!? Where did that anti capitalist… wealth distribution dog go… Kyoto!?… Kyoto!>

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