Kenya troops attack last stronghold of al-Shabaab -

Kenya troops attack last stronghold of al-Shabaab


Kenyan troops launched a beach assault on the last of Somalia’s Islamist al-Shabaab militants. The attack on Kismayo’s beach is a fatal blow to the rebels.

Residents who were in their homes said the attacks came from the air and sea around 3 a.m. Some worried it would start a bigger battle over control of the port.

Al-Shabaab is linked to al-Qaeda and withdrew from Mogadishu in August of last year. The militants have since imposed strict sharia law in the areas they have control over, and have been forced further into the south of the country.

Kismayo was the last of their major strongholds, and provided revenue. Militants were dependent on what they made from charcoal exports and taxes on businesses.

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