Khadr fires American lawyers -

Khadr fires American lawyers

Canadian Guantanamo detainee set to go on trial Aug 10


Omar Khadr has fired his American lawyers, reportedly because he does not trust that they will represent him fairly. “We’re devastated, absolutely devastated by this. We cared deeply about Mr. Khadr,” said Washington attorney Barry Coburn, to the Toronto Star. Khadr’s legal team had been negotiating with the Pentagon a possible plea deal for months, but were unable to reach a consensus. If convicted, Khadr faces a life sentence. Canadian lawyer Dennis Edney said that Canadian-born Khadr feels that Canada has not come to his aid. The 23-year-old Guantanamo detainee was captured when he was 15 fighting in Afghanistan. Khadr’s last pre-trial is scheduled to begin Monday. His August 10 trial this summer will be the first war crimes trial under the Obama administration.

Toronto Star

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Khadr fires American lawyers

  1. Khadr files American lawyers

    Big honking typo in headline!

  2. Islamists are waging 'lawfare' against the civilized world at every opportunity and this is another example. Khadr himself is a religious zealot, he doesn't care what happens to him. The most appropriate course of action would be to send him to Afghanistan for trial, that is where he killed and terrorized people.

    • This will be yet another delay defence will hope to lay at the feet of prosecutors. I think it won't fly, however the bleeding hearts wails of unfairness will come to a full screech now that he'll be detained for longer than was necessary (due to his own actions, but that matters little to these types).

    • I am not sure where you got your name from and I am wondering the meaning. People who speak as you do are scary – it seems without a trial you have decided that the boy now man is guilty and is a religious zealot who has no concern about his wellbeing and insinuated in the statementis – he does not care about anyone any more – I would say that that within you words there is the same rigidity and fanaticism as you accused the not yet convicted boy of – just the other side of the same coin

  3. Yes, could you please fix that typo in the headline, Maclean's?

  4. Always the martyr eh Omar?

    Word is he's either going to defend himself or boycott the trial altogether. Either way it would seem to pretty much guarantee a conviction.

    Nothing to do now but sit back and hope for Jean Chretien to head up the next Liberal government in Canada so he can get a "Get Out Of Jail Free" card.

  5. The reason why is pretty obvious…see the most recent FCC decision.

    By firing his lawyers he probably gets a delay in his trial…long enough he hopes for the useful idiots in Canada to force his repatriation and freedom.

  6. "Canadian lawyer Dennis Edney said that Canadian-born Khadr feels that Canada has not come to his aid." Yes, Khadr really deserves our aid when he fought in a war against us. Idiot!

  7. He’s been at some stage of a trial process for 8 years since he was imprisoned at the age of 15. Two years of interrogation with no legal assistance. Then various tribunals and hearings in the off again off again process as the government tried to get its trial system to meet court approval. He’s automatically guilty under the rules of the Military Commission System just for participating in the war when the Americans invaded, whether he through a particular grenade or not.

    Even if he’s not declared guilty, he meets about 3 out 4 of their criteria for holding people without trial, including being connected to AQ through a family member, his father who knew Bin Ladden and brought the family to live near his family when Khadr was 10 years old. (See Task Force report on Gtmo detainees.)

    They’ve given a life sentence to a person that made AQ videos and they’ve just convicted Bin Ladden’s cook. Khadr doesn’t have a hope in that system. I have no idea why he would want to attend the pointless trial hearings, but his lawyers might talk him back into it like they have before.

    • Refreshing comment, If this information is indeed true then it sounds as if Mr. Khadr could be kept off Canadian soil for the rest of his life…How Sad !!

    • Whether he threw a grenade or not? That grenade killed a man. Ever stop to wonder why Khadr was in Afghanistan learning the tricks and trade of terrorism in the first place? No? You're just sure America "invaded" Afghanistan and so all problems arising from the "invasion" lie at their feet?

      This guy, his entire family, and the rest of his ilk are not welcome in the West because they want to destroy it. Useful infidels are so blinded by political correctness they can't see the machete hovering above their shoulders.

  8. Lawyers always want to drag this for their fees. Without Khadr, they would have to work harder finding another client. With immigration rules being ravamped, so many prospective clients gone -probably back to ambulance chasing. As for Amnesty International and civil liberties groups, they have to get attention and be visible/relevant or may lose their funding. Why the parents of Khadr is not deported for encouraging him in doing what he did, is way beyond my small brain to handle.