Khadr given symbolic 40 year sentence -

Khadr given symbolic 40 year sentence

Khadr expected to be transferred to Canada in one year


A U.S. military jury has given Canadian detainee Omar Khadr a 40 year sentence. However, the sentence is largely symbolic, as it is believed that Khadr will be transferred to Canada in one year, where he will serve at most another 8 years. Though the Canadian government has officially denied being involved in the plea deal, other documents have shown that the Harper government indicated strongly that it would repatriate Khadr. 24-year-old Khadr has spent the last eight years in Guantanamo Bay. Last week, he pleaded guilty to five war crimes that he committed as a 15-year-old in 2002.

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Khadr given symbolic 40 year sentence

  1. Transfered to Canada in one year, where he could serve at most eight years… And in the mean time his Lawyers will be cutting a multi million dollar deal for him with the Federal Government ,and don't forget the way our system works, he will be a free man by the time the plane doors close behind him.

    • harper will never get his majority with kadr still alive and free in canada what an insult to our troops

  2. Billy M – You have your dates wrong. It was undisputed during the trial that he was 15 years old. And actually, many of the charges against him dated to when he was NINE years old. What we do know is that he was placed there by his father and underwent indoctrination. He was involved in a fire fight. He was part of the Taliban, which we helped to finance during the Afghan-Russia War. So if we financed them then, did we commit war crimes? In the US, we don't care how or why a 15 year old is involved in something that we classify as a crime. Our prisons are full of people who were anywhere from 11 – 18 when they committed their acts. Many are serving 30 year sentences for armed robbery – an example is Deonte Moore in Peoria who is serving 30 yrs for a bank robbery committed at age 13 – where he used an unloaded gun supplied him by an older gang member. As for conditions, Blade Reed just celebrated his 15th birthday at WABASH State Prison's solitary confinement unit for assisting his older borther in a murder at age 12. He's in solitary for fighting back against adult prisoners who were trying to sexually abuse him.

    • 1alawyer: As I stated I got my dates from Wikipedia…
      and multiple other sources online as to his birth date. I don't think you will question 27 July 2002 the day that Christopher Speer died. The media kept referring to him as 15 years old and nobody corrected them or they did not want to be corrected. Sells more papers using the words "15 year old child) Sounds better than 16 year old man.
      That made him 16 years, 3 months and 8 days old when he killed Sgt Speers and injured other U.S. Soldiers.
      That made him an adult.
      As to the other charges I will take your word for it. I certainly agree that the charges against him at 9 years old are a bit much and should never have been laid. I am not sure how old he was when he was parading around with the severed limbs but to a normal person, regardless of age, this would be obscene and know that it was wrong.

      I think what pi$$es most Canadians off is the fact that he committed treason against the country that he has now come crawling back to for help and to take advantage of our system just like the rest of his family who hate Canada.

      • Try not to believe Wikipedia…he was 16 when he was transfered to Gitmo, which is why he was not placed in Camp Iguana with the other boys, some as young as 11. You are reciting his age when he went to Gitmo. He was 15 when the firefight occurred. America has the lowest age of criminal responsibility in the world – 7, still based on the Biblical concept of reason. Canada at least goes along with the British concept of 10. He didn't commit treason. He was not at an age where he was permitted to make independent decisions. Plenty of people commit crimes in Canada but are still protected by your laws. If you pick and choose based on ethnicity or crime, you might as well not embrace the rule of law.

  3. We really seem to have regressed. At the end of WWII, we took Hitler Youth graduates and rehabilliated thousands of them – many of whom committed terrible acts. One even went on to become Pope. But my guess is here, this young man, having been brutalized and tortured, will never love the western way of life. If he had been treated decently, thoughtfully, and as a 15 year old caught up in war should be treated, we might have had a friend, instead of someone who will always hate us and our way of life. He will always be dangerous now. Unlike the Hitler Youth who grew up to be Pope, he experienced the worst that we have to offer.

    • He was treated decently. The soldiers could have finished him off with a round to the noggin but instead friends of the man Khadr had just killed rendered first aid to him and saved his life. He was nursed back to health by U.S. medical teams, given surgery for his wounds and eye.
      He was then placed in Guantanamo Bay instead of being turned over to Afghan authorities where he more than likely would have disappeared off the face of the earth.
      The man was a Terrorist, albeit, mostly not of his own making but what could you have done with him. Bring him back to Canada and turn him over to his family?????
      No doubt some mistakes were made but not to the extent that the leftists and Liberals are screaming about.
      A 16 year old in Canada can be tried in adult court and if that was the case realistically Khadr would still be in prison for murder, Treason which carry a life sentence
      Again the war crimes at 9 years old are a bit much.

      • Torturing a confession out of him in Guantanamo is infinitely to be preferred to toture at the hands of the NDS, i so agree.A

        '16 year old in Canada can be tried in adult court and if that was the case realistically Khadr would still be in prison for murder, Treason which carry a life sentence "

        It's very doubtful Khadr would have been convicted of anything in an open court, whether in Canada or the US – his confession would have been thrown out for one.

        • Maybe the Military will have learned a valuble lesson after this Eight year fiasco……Learn how to aim and take no prisoners.

          • Heh…i have another idea. If you take the trouble to save his life [ kudos to the US military] why would you want to then fu'k it all up by torturing him to obtain a confession? See where i'm going? " We just saved your life son, now maybe you could show a bit of gratitude and help us out to catch some real bad guys" – remembering he was just a susceptible 15 yr old. He could have been a asset. You did want to win this war, right?

          • See , that's another mistake the Military made,'' We just saved your life Son.'' It should have been : Tell you what Son, help us out to catch some bad guy's and we will save your life ! Not the other way around, there is no bargaining power, that way, and as far as winning this War, probably never going to happen.

          • He was 16 + and an adult in the Muslim community as well as Canada. Just wish people would get his age and status correct. not a 15 year old child.

          • Correction: He was 15. I obtained my information from Wikipedia which was wrong. Wikipedia has now been corrected to show his correct date of birth. Apologies to those offended.

  4. I want to know why his mother who allowed this Canadian child to be taken out of here and indoctrinated when all she had to do is turn him into a Canadian consulate when she learned of her husband's plans to turn a little boy into a soldier is not the one on trial.Don't we have laws in this country to protect children from this sort of parent?If our laws can allow for the prosecution of Canadians who abuse foreign children abroad ,why is she out scott-free while her son ,who was a minor under her responsability when all this happened, is in jail?Why is our government so quick to want to wash its hands of all this to the point of not asking that she be prosecuted.I don't know whether or not Omar Khadr can be rehabilitated but jailing that woman would send a clear message that we don't condone her sort of "parenting"

    • She was scared of her husband. If Mrs Khadr had even thought of turning her husband in to authorities or not obeying him I don't think she would be around today. Honour Killing.

      • Well ,you know what?So what if the price for giving her child to Canadian authorities to protect him was death? Any decent woman who gives birth would be willing to pay it,her child didn't ask to be put in that position and she could have prevented it by using the untold number of opportunities for escape from that man which she ignored even when she was right here in Canada, much less in Afganistan.
        When you know that you will not be willing to lay your life down for your child, then the time to put your foot down and get him out of harm's way is when you are still in Canada where there are women's shelters and laws.I'm tired of bad parents ,and especially women getting a free pass, no matter what is done to their children because they were "scared" .How scared do you think a little Canadian boy who knows he has to become a killer or else he will be killed himself was?How scared do you think he was just 5 years later in a prisoner camp being tortured?How scared is he now?If our government can let a child it should have protected be judged as a soldier ,the least it can do is make that "mother" of his serve time too.

        • Monique: When Omar Khadr was charged he was charged as a man. I wish people would stop calling him a boy. As I said he was well over 16 years of age and not 15 when the murder of the medic was committed. In the Muslim Faith he is a man and had been for a couple of years before the murder occurred . Muslim men are very proud of their manhood and if I were Omar Khadr I would be offended at being called a child by the Western Media and Leftists. But then again that is part of the defence strategy. Let everyone think he is a child. In our own society he was a man when the offences were committed.
          I am not sticking up for Mrs Khadr but I don't think she had much of a choice in what she had to do. Muslim woman living in Afghanistan under Taliban rule at the time. Maybe she watched a couple of stonings of disobedient women and decided that was not the way she wanted to go. Read the RAWA site if you have not already and see what these poor woman had to endure under Taliban rule. Not to mention that she had numerous other children to raise while her husband was off planning to kill infidels. I am not a Khadr supporter but over in Afghanistan she did not have much of a choice. That being said I do not appreciate the way she verbally abuses Canada now that she is back here.

          • Correction: He was 15. Error on my source of info.

  5. Maybe the CBC could give him a guest spot on Little Mosque on the Prairie and then spin-off a new show called Welcome Back Khadr.

    • …or even better .. CBC could make an episode with tutorial how to make an IED. Little
      Mosk fould have final episode with big bang.

      • don't give them ideas!!

  6. He killed and terrorized people in Afghanistan, send him there for a trial.

  7. He should get just a one bullet in head at the place he was caught – this would solve so many problemns
    we face now and saved many $$$ wasted on lawyers.

    If he is brought back to Canada it will be a slap in face of this country and everything what it represents, everything what our grandfathers fought in previous wars.

    • Before speaking for our grandfathers why don't you go visit a few of them and let them give you an earful.I have never heard a real soldier ,a real man ,consider that child-soldiers should be prosecuted or the Hitler youth would have only been getting out of jail right about now.I've never heard a man compare his ability to judge a situation as equal to that of a child or a teenager unless he was still pretty immature himself.

      • He is not (was not) a child-soldier. Puting him (as he was 16 when fought in Afghanistan) in the same row as a child soldiers is a NDP-Libtards semantic game.
        He is a cittizen of convenience (as well his parents). He hates everything what western democracy stands for but
        he and his burqua-family enjoys wellfare on tax payers cost.
        He is a walking proof how weak and disfunctional is Canadian immigration system.

  8. There you go again Monique with the "Child" description.
    Again he was 16 years 3 months and 8 days old when he killed Christopher Speer. He was considered a man in the Muslim faith and in this country and in all other Western and Muslim Nations.

    • He was a man was he,do we let 10 year olds enlist? If a 16 year old "man" asks to marry your daughter or is put in charge of your money you'd be as happy as if he was 18 or 20 or better yet 25? If you had an idiotic wife and she suddenly grabbed your kid ,took off for Afganistan ,converted your 10 year old child to radical islamism,and turned him into a murderer in a span of 5 years , you'd just shrug your shoulders and say it was his fault and let him rot?I don't believe you.Every day parents fight to get their sometimes very much grown children from the clutches of criminals and want them to be treated with compassion if they commited crimes while under the thumb of those thugs.Well,to me,even a child who looks different than me and prays another God than mine, deserves the same compassion that I would want for my child.I certainly don't want him out soon, but I think psychiatric long term care is what is called for here.

    • Correcttion. he was 15. error on my source of info

  9. He was born in September. You've been punk'd.

    • Then with all due respect that has just been changed by Wikipedia because that read 19 April 1986 yesterday. I read it several times when I calculated his age.

      How about this site. You might want to get this changed as well if his birth date is wrong.

      • Just goes to show you cannot believe everything the media or Internet says.

        The Resume

        (April 19, 1986- )
        Born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
        Grew up mostly in Pakistan
        Attended an Al-Qaeda training camp in Kabul, Afghanistan
        Captured by US troops after a firefight in Ayub Kheyl, Afghanistan (July 2002)
        Accused of killing US soldier Sgt. Christopher Speer with a grenade
        Imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay detention camp (since October 2002)
        Trial originally set for October 2008 but postponed
        Pleaded guilty to all charges against him in a plea bargain {October 25, 2010)

        • Didn't know much about Wikipedia or how it works so went over there and logged in and browsed the site. Went to Omar Khadr and found that there were revisions to History and edits made to his file today and yesterday. Also found that anybody can change information in Wikipedia.
          May well have been a mistake by Wikipedia that has been fixed. Don't know. Anyhow, I would think that his Date of Birth would have been researched thoroughly by the Americans through Ontario Birth Certificates so will concede he was 15 unless otherwise proven. Always thought you could trust the information on Wikipedia…..

  10. Symbolic sentence for him, but also symbolic of the total failure of the "justice system". He killed Sgt. Christopher Speer, who was doing his duty, and we have failed the Sergent's family. If he serves the remainder of his sentence here in Canada it will only show the enemy that they can do what they want to us and we will simply reward them. That is a frighteningly irresponsible message to send them, but I obviously don't know as much as his lawyer and the pollys hoo worked so hard to protect his rights, eh!? His lawyer wants to get him out on parole as soon as possible here in Canada. Life in Canada is going to get really interesting soon!

    • You can't have it both ways.If Speer was doing his duty and the one who killed him also beleived himself just as strongly to also be a soldier what's this really about besides staying on America's good side.Muslims had already made it abundantly clear that anyone who went there was going to be treated as an enemy,the Russians had gotten that message years ago when the Americans financed the Talibans and armed them as well as any official army I've ever heard of.So a soldier killed another soldier, isn't that what they are hired to do or do people only have the right to call themselves soldiers when the West agrees with their cause.CAn Russian families sue for thei dead soldiers.The Americans wanted Ossama,Ossama was in the mountains and then in Pakistan ,I think that was quite a ways from the battleground where Speer was killed .We are on the right side in this war, and we will prevail ,but let's not lose focus and call things by anything other than their real name.Speer wasn't gunned down on his way to drop his kid off to daycare he was on a battlefield .

      • true enough. i guess i should give khadr the benefit of the doubt and leave him to do what he wants. after all, the muslims made it clear that anyone who disagrees with them is a viable enemy anywhere in the world.

  11. Also,terrorists of all sorts(including gang leaders and warlords) prey on children exactly because they are easy to indoctrinate so that by the time they start to see straight they are in too deep to turn on them.AND he is a Canadian citizen so who cares what his faith tells him?Do we let 12 ,14 0r 16 year olds vote here because there "faith" says they are men and women.Do we let children get coerced into arranged marriages as long as their "faith" says it's Ok?He wasn't a man here.Neither when she allowed him to be taken abroad nor when he was captured and if she had done her duty none of this would have happened and that American soldier might very well be alive so why should he alone pay for this?Last I checked contributing to the delinquency of a minor was still on the books as a criminal offence.

  12. Hopefully Omar Khadr will do his sentence, get the help he needs and come out a reformed man whenever that may be.
    There is not a lot we can do about things now. The trial is over and he has been sentenced. I guess he has spent 8 years in custody which is a very long time for a young person, especially in his circumstances in Gitmo.. I have seen adults who have committed heinous crimes in this country and come out of jail (Club Fed) in about the same time span Omar Khadr has been behind bars. We will just have to give him the benefit of the doubt and see what he does with himself in later years.
    Hopefully the media will eventually let this topic rest and move onto other matters.

    • Optimism is good, even in this case, but i will not be holding my breath. I suggest you don't either.As you said, the trial is over and he has been sentenced. 8 years sounds like a lot, but given how his lawyer is trying to get him parole as quick as possible and the mind-set of our politicians, I will safely bet he will not do more than a year in prison. Club Fed is a vacation resort from crime, once refreshed, criminals return to society with renewed energy.
      This type of topic is what the media lives on. He played the media pretty well from Gitmo, no reason why he should stop now.
      But a I said, optimism is good.

      • When Khadr is released, I hope the media is on him 24/7…Either that ,or make our little Terrorist poster boy wear electronic monitoring for the rest of his life in Canada…If he doesn't like that he could always go to a country that likes Terrorists……,

  13. The ball will be in Omar Khadr's court when he gets out. By that time he will probably will have served close to 10 years in prison, 8 of which were "Hard Time". Justice will have been well served. He will have the choice to start out with a clean slate with his life, or, he can go back to Afghanistan and continue the fight as no doubt there will still be a war on in that country. If that is his choice then he should be stripped of his Canadian Citizenship and not allowed back into Canada.
    Hopefully if he decides to become a good citizen then the media will leave him alone as he has done his time.

  14. Are you telling me that you'd let you 16 yr old, go on a road trip across canada? would you let them quit school? Do you fully trust a 16 yr old? I'm a senior high school student, and i can say from experience that 16 yr old, are not adults. Most still don't posess the mental capabilities to see the consequece of their actions, its the parents responsibility to teach and guide their children, so if there anyone to blame its them.

    At 16 you're somewhere inbetween adult and childhood, more childhood and i really don't believe that he should be labled an adult

  15. I still fail to understand why Canada needs to feel responsible and bring him here to serve his sentence. He could have served his time in the US or back in Afganistan where he comitted the crime. Do we always bring back Canadians who have committed crimes in other countries? Oh, I forgot, there many instances of "squeaky wheels" and where small groups are able to rouse public opinion and force our government to allow the criminal to serve their time here….Brenda Martin, etc etc.