Khadr in plea bargain negotiations -

Khadr in plea bargain negotiations

Lawyer says repatriation is a key part of the talks


Omar Khadr may yet find his way back to Canada if his lawyers successfully negotiate a plea deal that includes his repatriation. Barry Coburn, Khadr’s lead U.S. lawyer, says there are ongoing plea bargain talks involving Khadr’s lawyers, his U.S.-based prosecutors, the convening authority, “and potentially the Canadian government.” Khadr’s return to Canada is a key part of those talks, Coburn says. Pre-trial proceedings against Khadr, who’s facing charges of murder, conspiracy and support of terrorism and is currently housed in Guantanamo Bay, are set to begin Wednesday.

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Khadr in plea bargain negotiations

  1. Cue the ticker-tape heroes parade and multi-million dollar payout for the boy.

  2. Well you got one thing right Harvey; he was indeed a boy when he was forced into a firefight against the Americans.

  3. Forced??? hmmm…

    • Not so hard to figure out. Forced or brainwashed by his father to fight and he did so as any good son would. Now we all stand by and watch silently as this child abuse continues by the most powerful country in the world, aided and abetted by the Canadian government. We should all be ashamed of ourselves. From a "simple" attack, Al-Quaeda must be very proud of the success they had in making us turn on ourselves and whatever ideals we may have had.

      • I guess if he had been in Canada and robbed a corner store and killed a cop you would say "forced"… Ask your parents if its possible to force a 17 year old to clean their room much less go become a terrorist. WAKE UP….

  4. Who is footing his legal bills?

    • Who foots the bill for all criminals??? WE DO!!!!