Khadr refuses to go to court -

Khadr refuses to go to court

Canadian held on murder and terror charges is absent for the second day in a row


Omar Khadr, the Canadian held in Guantanamo Bay on murder and terrorism charges for a crime he allegedly committed while he was only 15, is refusing to attend court hearings because of what he says are unnecessary and humiliating searches and transportation procedures. He initially refused to attend his pre-trial hearing on Thursday because of a requirement to wear sensory-depriving goggles and earmuffs while in transport, and on Friday he was absent from the court room because he wouldn’t allow guards to search his waistband. The Military Judge, Col Patrick Parrish, says Khadr is rejecting a “reasonable security measure,” and that the trial will proceed without him. Col. Parrish has also refused to give Khadr medical treatment, saying he didn’t want to “second guess” the care provided by Guantanamo’s guards, and has also refused defence requests that a doctor be allowed to testify about the seriousness of Khadr’s health problems, which are caused by shrapnel shards in both of his eyes. The doctor says Khadr’s condition requires urgent treatment, and the military says a prison physician is attending to the prisoner, but that there is no ophthalmologist on base.

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Khadr refuses to go to court

  1. Well slap my butt and call me a Taliban lover but I don't blame him. He was 15 and under the influence of his father at the time, and he should be tried like any regular juvenile suspect. The goggles and earmuffs are TOTALLY stupid 9/12 overkill. Let him be tried like any other common criminal without all the fraidy-cat hoopla. Is he going to make a break and swim from Cuba to Newfoundland? Maybe he could've said no to his conscripting father, but treat him with as much (which fine, hey, good, isn't much) "dignity" as any other murder suspect.

    • Bend over !

  2. This is a combat issue in a war, not a street crime in Toronto. Give your head a shake. He is no Canadian and never has been, he rejected Canada and, along with the rest of his family, used it as a safe haven and source of welfare while planning and conducting war for another country.

  3. Rob H, if it were a combat issue in a war, he would be a POW, so don't spout that BS. The denial of access to a proper doctor is ridiculous, regardless of his status, or guilt.

  4. Omar is not the victim. Canadians taxpayers are witness to the left demand special treatment of an alleged murderer. What uniform was he wearing and what country is he fighting for? At best he should be treated as a spy/terrorist behind enemy lines. Who has paid for his shelter and food in American Club Fed Cuba?

    I am confident those women who are getting acid thrown at them by the likes of Omar share your concerns for his comfort and protection from American justice.

    Learning to make I.E,D's was just a prank. Killing fellow Canadians, our American allies not a biggie?

    We spent over a million dollars in court challenges, consular fees on this alleged murderer? Priorities.

  5. If it is okay to treat Omar Khadr as he has been treated for the past 7 years, then possibly we could round up quite a few soldiers on the other side who killed so many civilians ……whose defense was "Oops, sorry, that was a mistake" and start charging them with war crimes. We are talking about a 15 year old scared boy…who was shot in the back…twice…by his captors…such brave men!!!…and who has been a prisoner in a hellhole for 7 years. I don't care what nationality a person is….that is inhumane and we all stand shamed because, whether we like his family or not, he holds a Canadian citizenship. Shame on us and shame on our government.

  6. If Mr Khadr required urgent treatment you can rest assured he would get it ! This is Khadr and his lawyer playing the sympathy card, working on how poorly he is being treated by the big bad American Infidels. You can rest assured that the Prison Physician has checked him from top to bottom because they don't want his lawyer or the do gooder groups to be able to have any more to complain about than they already have.

  7. I'm sure, by the way, that the soldiers were rigorously checking for the age of the guy with the AK-47 throwing grenades at them- I do wonder if you are aware of how combat works. It's not really a time for exchanging personal information.

  8. Audrey there is a major difference in the uniform regarding essentially every law of war pertaining to actual combat and taking prisoners. Ignoring the distinction is what is truly shameful.

  9. So what. Proceed with the trial and let the verdict be announced. Ths AH has had to much leeway as it is. He is pulling a passive resistance stunt for the publicity and to gain public support from soft-hearted people. He's doing a good job of gaining supports for the cause. Give the boy a lollipop.

  10. If it requires urgent treatment so let it be. It's not like they want him to escape or anything.