Khadr's trial delayed at least a month -

Khadr’s trial delayed at least a month

Lawyer airlifted off to the U.S. after collapsing yesterday


Omar Khadr’s trial is postponed for at least a month after his lawyer collapsed yesterday, the first day of the Canadian’s war crimes trial. Khadr’s lawyer, Army Lt.-Col Jon Jackson, 39, began coughing about 10 minutes before the court was set to end and had asked the judge for a brief recess before collapsing. He was taken to a hospital by ambulance and is now being airlifted off the island for medical care. Jackson had undergone gall bladder surgery six weeks ago and doctors believe that complications from the surgery led to his collapse. “The most important thing is nothing has changed with the Omar Khadr case except for the timing,” said Guantanamo’s deputy chief defense Bryan Broyles to journalists Friday morning. Khadr is
accused of five war crimes and faces a life sentence if convicted at the Guantanamo court.

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Khadr’s trial delayed at least a month

  1. Well, it has only taken eight years to get to this point so another month or so shouldn't matter one way or another.

  2. Hope he's ok. But this is all getting to be a bit surreal.

    Their jury just got selected — do they now all have a one month holiday or are they sent back to their usual duties? Will circumstances then maybe require re-doing this process with new people?

    I wonder what this does to Canadian judicial watchers' timetables, as the appeal to the SCOC may become a little less moot now that the Gitmo trial is on ice.

  3. Khadr should be sent to Afghanistan for trial since that is where he killed and terrorized people.

  4. Khadr should be let rot in US jail and his family should be deported back to Pakistan or Afghanistan since
    thery hate Canada but they enjoy welfare and free health care.

  5. @o@o@ no no we are humanitarians!! we should keep hoping and paying to keep this criminal safe and well fed and medicated while our people suffer inspite of paying their taxes. !!!!!!!!!! WTF!!!!!!!!!! are there no decent lawyers in the world!!!?!? this story should not be posted or followed anymore. once the lawyers realize that no one is interested anymore, their enthusiasm will die too. they want recognition and fame. they shouldn't get it…at least for this case!!