Khodorkovsky sentenced to 14 years -

Khodorkovsky sentenced to 14 years

Oil tycoon and Putin critic gets maximum jail term


Russian oil tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky was sentenced to an additional six years behind bars on Thursday in a case that raises questions about Vladimir Putin’s influence over the country’s justice system. Khodorkovsky has in the past been critical of the Russian prime minister, who has in turn called for Khodorkovsky’s imprisonment. Khodorkovsky, who was found guilty earlier this week of embezzling billions of dollars of oil from his own conglomerate, is already serving an eight-year sentence on an earlier conviction that ends in 2011, right before the next presidential elections, in which Putin is reportedly considering running. The 14-year sentence was the maximum penalty.

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Khodorkovsky sentenced to 14 years

  1. This is the "new" Russian democracy where Vladimir Putin can dictate who goes to jail and for how long simply because he doesn't like someone. Hasn't anyone figured out yet that this man, formerly head of the KGB, doesn't know the meaning of the word 'democracy," and yet the West is only too willing to do business with him? Shameful!