Kidnapped in Somalia—one year later -

Kidnapped in Somalia—one year later

Families speak out for the hostages, a young Alberta journalist and Australian photographer


It was a year ago Sunday when 27-year-old Canadian freelance reporter, Amanda Lindhout, and Australian photographer, Nigel Brennan, were kidnapped in Somalia near Mogadishu and held for $2.5 million ransom. They’ve yet to come home. To mark the anniversary, the families of the two hostages released their first public statement, saying they remain united, “working tirelessly” to secure freedom for their loved ones “with little outside support.” Shortly after the kidnapping, Maclean’s documented “the tale of how Lindhout, a former Molson Canadian girl and beautician from small-town Alberta, found herself in perhaps the most dangerous place in the world.”



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Kidnapped in Somalia—one year later

  1. I hope Ms Lindhout is still alive and ok. It's too bad for her she's not an ethnic minority and the msm and liberals could run around like their hair's on fire claiming racism. It is also interesting this little blurb has no comments yet, it's almost as if people don't actually care about how the Government behaves if they can't accuse the Cons of racism.

  2. Well Clinton could have a go at getting them out. He did it once. And who sent them into that country in the first place anyway?

  3. I think it's time the Canadian government starts asking for help in this situation. I believe they have been trying, diplomatically, for a year now. Time for a new approach…