Killer whale kills SeaWorld trainer -

Killer whale kills SeaWorld trainer

“Tilikum” involved in two other deaths, several attacks


A notorious killer whale named Tilikum has killed a 40-year-old female trainer at the SeaWorld marine park in Orlando, Florida. Officials are calling the incident an accident, saying the woman fell in the water, but witnesses have said that the 12,300-pound orca jumped up from the water and grabbed her by the waist. But this is just one in a string of fatalities involving experienced animal trainers and wildlife experts in recent years, reports the Telegraph.


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Killer whale kills SeaWorld trainer

  1. Don’t kill the whale for being wild. Its the humans fault for captivity. Free the Whale!

    • Jump Tilikum, JUMP! (I'm typing with one hand as the other is raised high in the air as though I'm a young whale trainer…setting my whale (and friend) free)

  2. Perhaps some people don't understand what the "wild" in wildlife means.

  3. If this was a bear or dog it would've been destroyed.

    How about some whale sushi?

  4. Follow the money. A killer whale act at a marine park pays all the bills and then some. That 5500 kg cash cow is a predator though, a Tyrannosaurus in a whale suit. People tend to forget that. Like other highly intelligent animals -like people, chimps, and dolphins, some orcas evolve to be malevolent. Maybe a light bulb will finally go off in somebody's head and they'll figure out orcas who kill human beings unprovoked, probably shouldn't be around people. So let him go. Just let him go.

  5. Why is it such an important news? It was an accident waiting to happen , the Australian guy who played with crocodiles suffered the same fate , as long as too many people love to watch those tricks , it is all good . I agree that it is all about money the concept of vacation for families now a days is going some place where kids watch the whales and kiss the dolphins and the concept of a vacation for singles is to be running on a beach with some hot girl in bathing suite. Who wants to stop that ? as long as there is a lot of money in it ,I disagree though with animal rights activists. who cheer human deaths in war and bombings but want to save the whales. In Australia they turn a blind eye to the murders of Indian students for racist reasons but loose sleep over Japanese killing whales. There needs to be a balance. and all the major media should not be constantly talking about it . It seems like humans killings humans is less of a news than animal killing a human being , probably because it is a rare thing.

  6. I kind of agree with pogomutt!? But a t-rex in a whale suit? give me a break. I've kayaked among these animals and they did not want to tear me limb from limb. Wild animals belong in the wild. There is a huge imbalance in the way we as humans treat animals and nature. I believe it's something we have broken which can't be fixed.