Kinder Morgan's 'southern gateway' could ship an extra 550,000 barrels a day through B.C. -

Kinder Morgan’s ‘southern gateway’ could ship an extra 550,000 barrels a day through B.C.


Kinder Morgan revealed plans Thursday for an expanded $5 billion pipeline linking Alberta’s oil sands to the Pacific port in the Vancouver suburb of Burnaby. Asian customers have committed to buying huge amounts of product from the expanded line, which could see another oil tanker per day floating off B.C.’s coast.

From the Vancouver Sun:

The proposed expansion of the existing Alberta-to-Metro Vancouver pipeline, which Kinder Morgan wants operational by 2017, is to cost $5 billion. It will increase pipeline capacity for crude by 550,000 barrels a day, to 850,000 barrels from the current 300,000 barrels a day.

The expansion is bound to be controversial; Kinder Morgan now plans to construct as much new capacity as Enbridge Inc. has proposed for its contentious Northern Gateway pipeline, said Wilderness Committee campaigner Ben West.

“This is now the biggest proposal,” said West. “A bigger pipeline means bigger opposition.”

Finding new buyers for Canadian crude is a priority for the federal government under Stephen Harper (Ottawa runs on oil, after all). The Prime Minister has been increasingly vocal about the need to find new ways to get Alberta’s most valuable resource to buyers other than the United States. One imagines that an extra 550,000 barrels set for Asian markets would fit that bill.

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Kinder Morgan’s ‘southern gateway’ could ship an extra 550,000 barrels a day through B.C.

  1. According to E. May there is a ban on tankers off the coast of BC….is she lying?
    I support this proposal entirely, why not just increase this pipeline which already exists?
    Lets get this done, support the economy, and shut up all the lefties and greenies out there…

    • Sorry, but we will stop this proposal. We have to since everyone in the Lower Mainland will end up with asthma from all the increased tanker traffic. Heavy bunker fuel isn’t healthy and especially in such a populated area with an already polluted airshed in the Fraser Valley.

      • government job eh

  2. Stop wasting money on pipelines. Focus more on future energy sources. There are certain clean alternatives that are going to hit the market soon that could make oil a worthless commodity.

    • solyndra and the fifth come to mind.

  3. Sure Canada has plenty of Uranium and nuclear power expertise, but its oh so much easier to extract a non-renewable resource and ship it off to China for a pittance, wouldn’t you agree?

    • what government agency do you work for?