King of Queens star Leah Remini vs. the Church of Scientology -

King of Queens star Leah Remini vs. the Church of Scientology


Just a few years ago, Leah Remini, the King of Queens sitcom star, was one of the Church of Scientology’ most high-profile evangelists.

Now she’s all but accusing the movement of foul play, filing a missing-persons report for ShellyMiscavige, the wife of Church leader David Miscavige. Pointing out that Shelly hasn’t appeared in public in six years, Remini, 43, asked the Los Angeles Police Department to look into her disappearance.

The LAPD announced the report was unfounded and that they’d contacted Mrs. Miscavige, but the Church seemed rattled enough to release a statement calling the report “nothing more than a publicity stunt for Ms. Remini.” Well, it worked.

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King of Queens star Leah Remini vs. the Church of Scientology

  1. I’d want to see Mrs. Miscavige in public and talk to her. The LAPD isn’t trustworthy.

    • Tinfoil hat alert.

      • Tinfoil hats are to prevent aliens reading your mind

        You’re a scientologist eh?

      • A tinfoil hat will protect you from pneumonia if you read about Xenu in OT III before you’re ready. It should be the official hat of all clams like yourself.

      • I’ve read some of your comments & I think I have a bridge you’d be interested in buying. It’s much cheaper than the one you’re used to, but many more people make it to the other side without going bankrupt, insane or dead. Don’t worry, it’s no more of a scam than the promised abilities of a clear or OT. You won’t even have to sign a billion year contract, but I don’t accept checks, especially sec. checks. It is still under construction & should be completed before the Super Power building, but that was supposed to be done years ago so you never know. Once you buy the bridge it’s yours, we won’t hound (reg) you for donations every week or make you buy it again just because we can or because we renamed it the Golden Age Bridge II. The people that build the bridge are well cared for, none of them were beat or sent to the RPF, their ethics are in, I know because I’ve read the knowledge reports on each one. Nobody gets sent to the hole & not heard from or seen in years as say Heber Jentzsch. When people get off the bridge, you don’t have to disconnect from them, even if they are a PTS, after all who isn’t.
        The contract is straight forward, no entheta or black PR so no worries about being sent for ethics handling, we all know how much that’ll cost ya.

  2. Yeah right. I think the whole thing was a publicity stunt to grab some headlines, these old Hollywood actresses like to get tabloid headlines to try and help their flagging careers.

    • Paul Haggis is defending Ms. Remini. He is a well known director who was also a member of the Church. They are calling him “delusional”.

      • They also said Haggis was a status seeker. He is an oscar winning writer and director. Hardly a status seeker. They label anyone who critizes them or tells the truth about how they violate the human rights and freedom of the church members and staff.

        • Yes, they liked him when he gave the church a lot of money and added to its prestige but once he pulled away, they had to start to demeaning him.

        • A status seeker, no. They called him “status-obsessed” (

    • How long have you been in Scientology, what OT Level are you?

    • if you’re a scientologist, YOU ARE “dilusional

  3. After all, it’s not like the Church of Scientology has ever been involved in anything shady before!

  4. All these scilebrities (scientologists, celebrity division) are such “big beings” until they leave the cult. Then the cult attempts to defame and discredit them.

    What did Leah Remini do to get in trouble with her nutty cult? She asked a simple question. You can’t question in this cult of fear and control.

  5. This comment was deleted.

    • Oh brother….another crackpot cult is heard from.

  6. This group is all about confessing your “crimes” to the point of making things up. just Basically they create files on everything bad you ever did and use it against you when it suits them. When they want something from you, money, time, or when you leave and make them look bad. It’s just old fashioned blackmail. I can’t understand why anyone could fall for it myself, but then people are still falling for the pigeon drop and Nigerian scams too. And once you fall it’s really embarrassing to admit you were had, especially if there are things you are hiding and the only social connections you have in life are in the cult.
    I believe Shelly doesn’t know how bad she has it since she has been in Scientology since she was a teen and has been held in a type of isolation for over 7 years now. She wouldn’t know up from down at this point.