Kingston Penitentiary to close after more than 175 years


CBC News is reporting that the legendary Kingston Penitentiary will close down due to federal budget cuts. The prison houses some of Canada’s most notorious criminals (Paul Bernardo and Col. Russell Williams among them), and has been in operation since 1835.

Public Safety Minister Vic Toews is expected to give an announcement on prison closures Thursday afternoon. By the 2014-15 fiscal year, the federal government is aiming to cut $275 million out of the Correctional Services Canada (CSC) budget as part of its wider effort to balance the books in Ottawa. The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada, a union that represents correctional facility workers, told the CBC that 28 people in Kingston were given notice Thursday that their jobs are in jeopardy. Another 31 people were notified at the Leclerc Institution in Laval, Que., which is also slated to close.

Even as these jails get shuttered, Ottawa is doling out money to expand about 30 other prisons, the Globe and Mail reports. The 2011-12 budget for CSC was about $3 billion, up 20 per cent from the previous year, mostly thanks to new the Conservatives’ Truth in Sentencing Act, which made it more difficult for inmates to seek parole.


Kingston Penitentiary to close after more than 175 years

  1. Tories want to privatize prisons, increase sentences, and cut programs which would help inmates reintegrate into society.  They are big on law and order issues when overall crime rates are going down.  More misdirected policies.  Look at problems in the US with privatized prisons.  Not a model we should be following.  

  2. I think our government shows their lack of education and skills of critical thinking….It makes me very angry that the likes of Paul Bernardo and Russell Williams are sent to Kingston when Kingston has very little by way of the infrastructure that “modern day” jails have and that Kingston does not have the proper footing to contain ‘todays’ inmates….

    If we are raising citizens in Canada that seem to be growing in their inability to live a successful life, I might success putting money where these people learn. 

    Dishing out money to other jails doesn’t seem logical other than showing who has the power.  We truly have a ridiculous government on our hands, one I never have and never will support!

  3. Cost cutting.. sure… they are conservatives.. it is ALL about real estate in this case… watch for Collins Bay pen to be next… and that will be ALL about real estate too.
    Follow the money… see who the developers are when it is sold… Kingston Pen land has room for aT least one hundred of those million dollar condo’s… where conservatives are concerned, if you follow the money the truth will always be revealed.

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