Kirchner re-elected in Argentina

Incumbent president captures over 50 per cent of the vote


Argentina’s Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner seized over 50 per cent of the vote this week, securing re-election to the presidency in a landslide victory, the BBC reports. Her closest opponent, Socialist leader Hermes Binner, was a distant second with only 17 per cent of the vote. In a triumphant speech, 58-year-old Kirchner told supporters in Buenos Aires’ Plaza de Mayo that she is committed to keeping Argentina on its current trajectory of strong growth. Some critics say her victory was the result of a “weak and fragmented opposition,” while other analysts ascribed her re-election to the booming economy.


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Kirchner re-elected in Argentina

  1. It is difficult to really understand Argentina from distant Canada enough to say that the Kirchners are  hunky-dory, but they really have put forward an effective demonstration that there is life outside of the dictats of international finance.  

    I was saddened to hear that Nestor died and a little fearful that his work would be undone.  I am relieved to see it working out well. 

    Congratulations, President Kirchner, on your win.  I wish the very best for the people of Argentina!  (Excepting the clique of running dogs that come running every time international finance whistles.  They can eat what dogs are so fond of.)

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