Knocking the EUs carbon levy on airliners, China says it ‘makes sense’ not to buy planes from Airbus


China’s ambassador to the European Union, Wu Hailong, is the first official from that country to weigh in on the controversy over the EU’s carbon levy on airlines. Speaking Friday, Hailong said it “makes sense” for Chinese airlines to turn away from sales deals with Airbus. The comment comes a day after Beijing announced it will block its airlines from buying planes from Airbus, an aircraft maker based in Europe, because of the EU’s levy on carbon emissions from jetliners.

Louis Gallois, the chief executive of Airbus, said Thursday that his company is being subjected to unfair “retaliation measures” over the levy. China’s decision to block Airbus sales could affect the delivery of at least 24 of the companies A330 planes, the BBC reported. “The Chinese government refuses to approve airlines’ orders for long-haul planes,” said Gallois.

The EUs Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) is the largest cap-and-trade system in the world. Starting on Jan. 1, the ETS created a system of carbon permits for airlines operating in the EU in an effort to curb greenhouse gas emissions. Under the system, an airline must buy more permits if it is going to emit more than legally allowed. Criticism over the EUs airline emissions levy have come from countries such as Britain, Russia, the U.S., Canada and China. These critics have argued that the levy breaks international law because the EU has no right to impose levies on flights that are traveling to and from destinations outside of its jurisdiction.

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Knocking the EUs carbon levy on airliners, China says it ‘makes sense’ not to buy planes from Airbus

  1. Break them China!

  2. Would be nice to read something about whether there’ll be, or could be, WTO litigation coming out of this.

  3. Well I’m shocked!!…for once i actually agree with something that came out of a chinese politcian…

  4. Nothin like a dose of reality to put a damper on the watermelloos wet dreams

  5. how you going tax them when they are flying and buying your plane? what!!!!!! The engine and the plane came from EU not China. They didn’t make the plane…Why are you taxing other people for using your plane.Damn, I just don’t understand that. 

  6. It is unfortunate to see this. These sorts of emission caps are the sorts of things the international community should be applauding, not punishing. Certainly the EU could have gone about this in a better fashion to avoid this sort of financial punishment, but someone needs to lead the fight against emissions and pollution from air crafts, and we should be standing behind them.

  7. EU is trying to address the issue of the global warming and we can see which countries and groups are pressing the brakes of the long term world progress. Canada is so retarded when it comes to global warming issues.

    • Canadians all over have reason to celebrate that our government did not sign on us to this global warming tax ponzi scheme. Well done Canada. Let the EU suffer in their own stupidity and watch their jobs go elsewhere. To the nut ball lefts like SergeSerge please…. please move to Europe.
      To those who actually care about the ‘environment’ (remember that word? Its like something from way back in the 90’s) lets stop the ‘warming’ propaganda and get back to issues that really matter. Polluted and over fished oceans is a good start. 

  8. Glad to see some sense brought to the debate.  AGW is a crock.

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