Koreas trade fire

Exchange of artillery shots prompted by North Korean military exercise


In what may be a sign of deteriorating relations between the two countries, North and South Korea traded artillery shots on Wednesday. The exchange was seemingly prompted by the North Korean military’s firing of artillery shells into the water near its border with South Korea, which officials from the North defended as a military exercise. South Korean troops fired warning shots into the air in response. Still, while the bellicose military posturing is worrying, progress appears to be looming on economic and humanitarian issues between the two Koreas. High-level diplomatic talks, which are part of North Korea’s bid to secure economic help, are ongoing, and South Korean officials say the latest spat between the neighbours wouldn’t throw those talks into jeopardy.

Wall Street Journal

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Koreas trade fire

  1. I don't think we should just shrug our shoulders at this, because the nuclear threat in this area is probably more real than anywhere else in the world, and I'm including India/Pakistan in that assessment. (Wasn't long ago I wouldn't have to qualify that.. sigh.. )

    I'm hoping cooler heads will prevail, but when you have to rely on Kim Jong Il being one of the cooler heads.. well.. I get a bit nervous.

  2. anxiety produces unease amongst leaders who feel threatened and have ammo, arrogance and purpose, or what they feel is purpose and such aloofness is disheartening…should diplomacy fail then resistance preparedness is world savior…otherwise run for the caves….yikes

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