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Kory Teneycke to return to Sun TV News

Right-wing TV venture set to launch in mid-March


Kory Teneycke is expected to return to the top job at Sun TV News, the right-leaning TV venture introduced by Quebecor last year, The Globe and Mail reports. The former director of communications for Prime Minister Stephen Harper abandoned the job in mid-September following a series of controversial events that arguably hindered the company’s chances of acquiring a federal broadcasting license (which it has since obtained). In particular, Teneycke embroiled himself in the controversy surrounding a petition against Sun TV News by Avaaz.org, in which several fake names appeared to be entered by a prankster. Teneycke used his Twitter account to announce that the culprit had been in touch, and that the “petition lacks basic controls.” Regarding his expected return, Teneycke declined comment. The network, which will feature right-wing personalities such as Ezra Levant, is set to launch in mid-March.

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Kory Teneycke to return to Sun TV News

  1. Well this is a no-brainer – you get out of the kitchen when it is too hot.

    • Since when does it get too hot in the kitchen? In the summer, you barbecue.

  2. I am an admirer of Mr. Teneycke and his young family. More power to him for sticking to his guns. We have CBC = LEFT WING, CTV = LIBERAL, and GLOBAL with excellent and restrained news reporting but some truly undesirable and non-family friendly television shows. It is definitely time for a RIGHT-LEANING television outlet that reflects family values?

    • Define "family values", Elizabeth?

    • Elizabeth, if Sun Tv fashions itself after Fox in the US, the news will be so skewed to the right it will be unbearable. Have you seen Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck for goodness sakes? As for family TV, I believe the Simpsons and some other politically incorrect shows appear on Fox so don't hold your breath for great family television.

      • So what? why would that bother you.CBC is so left its ugly! so we can have our TV.Why does the left get so pissy,Like CBC is never skewed

        • When the CBC has frothing rightwingers like Fatwa Flanagan and Ethical Tar Levant as pundits from time to time, it is idiotic for anyone to claim it's far left.

          Sun TV is going to be cheap crap aimed at wanna-be-American rightwing loonies. Not that large an audience in Canada.

          • So then don't worry your pretty little head about anything. What will be will be.

          • Well there's a button to turn it off.Which I do with the CBC! it works, cheer up!

        • You want a wing nut channel that that reflects family values.
          The channel you want is being based on news porn channel fox news.
          somebody says that Fox actually shows non-family friendly shows.
          you say so-what.

          Do you see the disconnect here or is this just too elitist for you.

        • extremism to either direction solves nothing.

  3. You can't keep a good man down!

    • Or, you can't keep a fly from a mound of dung.

  4. After 40 years of further and further left leaning 'journalists' it will be wonderful to have some truthful reporting for once. There are generations that have no idea what that is like. You anti-Fox types-I'd love to go toe to toe on facts–you haven't a chance. The left slants and skews the news to suit the parasites and maggots and , of course, you love that. Those who do the paying hate it. The Canuckistani left hates Beck yet not one can take issue with anything he brings out about a radical left government. He invites you to show him wrong. Truth hurts, don't it.

    • Beck invites me? ME? A lowly maggot/parasite like myself (as you so eloquently put it)? Well, sh*t, I couldn't possibly do it as good as Jon Stewart did. So, if you will allow me…

      I say this with no small measure respect to thoughtful small-c conservatives… Glenn Beck is a right-wing nutjob who appeals to right-wing nutjobs. No self-respecting, thoughtful conservative takes this guy seriously.

      • It had to be said…. alas it will not be heard

      • So long as the n in "nut-jobs" is lowered case, Canada shouldn't fear an invasion from the nut jobs south of Point Pelee. Except when they are on on manoeuvres.

    • Have you converted all your savings into gold yet?

      • Have you tracked the price of gold over the last year?

        • Why limit it to one year? The price is up-up and away! I only asked the fair Judge because if he really believes in the coming Leftpolocolyse (which was scheduled to destroy America by now), his paper and electronic money are as threatened as his freedom, family and way of life are.

          Otherwise, he is another Beck fan supporting the common mis-perceptions regarding correlation, causation, and selective information.

    • I would love to go toe to toe with you on facts. tonylajeunesse@gmail.com

      • Tony
        facts don't interest the modern reform-a-tory. Facts stop them from just saying what they want without being questioned. If you are determined to argue facts with a wing nut you will be arguing at cross purposes ad infinitum.
        Still I wish you all the best.

  5. "Right wing".

    There's always two wings to every bell curve, every belief system.

    Note that the term "LEFT WING" virtually never appears in the media in relation to scientists, advocacy groups, think tanks, and most close to home…the media?

    The reason is obvious: when your standing with others on the left wing, you percieve it to be the center.

    Thus to our left leaning media, there can never be a "LEFT WING".

    Like a one winged bird soaring through the sky, to the media, our polity is one "winged". A healthy "center" and a nasty "right wing". To the left nothing but sky.

    • I'm broken wing. What does that make me? Hopefully, not an American…

    • There's your problem chet
      Scientists look for replicable facts and the truth. The fact that you think these things have a political leaning speaks volumes.
      It also illustrates why Harper didn't like the census, the facts it produced differed from his pre-existing idea of what the world should be like.
      Facts are facts if you think they have a left wing bias, shouldn't you actually look further into why you believe certain things? Or is it always someone else's problem when reality isn't what you want it to be?

      • scientists have been swayed by political and corporate views time and time again. they are human after all and therefore imperfect. that you assume them to be so infallible does in fact speak volumes.

        • I didn't say they were infallible I said they look for replicable facts and the truth.
          There is a self correcting mechanism in place that recognises their potential for error. It does sometimes take a while but given the advantages we now have today over the past it does seem to work.
          Lysenkoism wasn't derided by politicians it was derided by scientists. Newtonian physics wasn't altered by politics but by Einstein and others.
          If there are no facts and stats then there is little to counter "gut feelings" and hunches with. Facts can be confirmed or not even if the initial findings were erroneous.
          Reading what is written before arguing against or for it is a very good start in science as in any discourse, you might like to try it.

          • all i am saying is that everything should be taken with a pinch of salt. whenever the science is related to a political issue, pay-offs and bribes are all but inevitable. that said, scientific findings are just as easily ignored, especially by someone like harper.

  6. And I think that we should have a family that reflects television outle values too!

  7. Great… the next step will be for someone to create a left-wing propagandist channel similar to MSNBC to fight idiocy with idiocy.

    If the Conservatives have their own TV 'news' channel, all the parties are going to want one!

    • They have their own right now. Its called the CBC and CTV. The more the merrier.

      • I know I know, about one article the CBC produces a year is unfairly biased, but anecdotes don't prove much when they represent a tiny fraction of the whole. Anecdotes such as CTV losing some of their talent to the Conservative senate or a former CBC anchor in the Conservative cabinet don't prove that CTV and CBC are biased to the right wing, even if aspects of the organizations are biased as such… every anecdote of bias you present can be countered by another anecdote, which proves nothing.

        The CBC is run by a Harper appointee and Mike Duffy's hatched job (while at CTV) on Dion during the last election was the final torpedo to sink Dion's campaign. I guess the CBC and CTV are actually hopelessly right-wing, anecdotally speaking.

        All of the 'lame-stream' media except for the Star endorsed Harper. They must all be biased right-wingers as well.

      • You keep doing it to that chicken Hol, what a crazy deluded world you live in.

  8. Well, let's face it, there is no such thing as "left wing" or "right wing". There is just a gradation of opinions ranging from authoritarian to anarchistic on a whole range of issues in society. No two people actually agree 100% on anything. Yet we seem to enjoy bashing each other over the head on differences almost too small to discern … reminds me of that Star Trek episode with an oddly coloured alien race, who's skin was black and white. There were two factions who hated each other and fought endlessly. Kirk and crew could not tell the difference until it was pointed out with some shock that, well of course they were different, WE are black on the left and white on the right, whereas THEY are white on the left and black on the right.

    We are all idiots. I really don't get the kind of vitriolic comments of Judge Bean, who advocates on one hand providing backed-up facts to argue, yet uses unsubstantiated slurs and insults to those who seem to him to be more than one millimetre to the left of Attila the Hun.

    Is there anyone in this country who wants to actually discuss rational ideas for addressing some of the many ills that beset us?

    • It's tough to be a "centrist" these days…..sigh

    • It's tough to be a "centrist" these days…….sigh

    • If I could give you 100 thumbs up I would.

    • Excellent post and kudos to the Star Trek reference!

  9. A goldmine for Canadian comedians!

  10. Clearly, judging from the previous comments, Sun TV has already accomplished one of its primary goals: to polarize people. Fire up the “right wing” (ie those with “family values” who feel that they’ve been marginalized by the “lefty” mainstream media) against the “left wing” (who will become enraged by the “right wing” extremism and bias).

    In the meantime, those of us who don’t feel the need to base their self-identity on being “left” or “right” wing, and who form their opinions on a issue-by-issue basis (regardless of whether someone else thinks it is left, right, or centre) will be drowned out by the cacophony of the polarized nut-jobs on both sides of the fence.

    Perfect for the government of the day, who will use the mud-slinging as a distraction to slide through legislation that even some of the more conservative voters might be opposed to, but don’t want to speak against for fear of being labeled “pinko”.

    Great for Sun TVs advertising revenue: they’ll get not only the “right wing” choir to preach to, but also the “left wingers” who will become addicted to watching it (there is nothing more addicting than the adrenaline of anger).

    Bad news for those of us who are non-partisan.