Labour dispute at the Journal de Montreal continues

Paper’s employees reject latest offer from Quebecor


After nearly two years, a labour conflict involving unionized reporters and photographers at the Journal de Montreal is set to go on even longer. The group voted overwhelmingly (89.3 per cent) against a contract offered by Quebecor management that could have settled the dispute. “If we would have accepted this offer, the union would have been totally destroyed,” said union president Reynald Leblanc. “I think this was a test of the resolve of our union. They thought we would buckle, but our message today is clear. We want to fight this battle.” While they were locked out, employees started a competing news website called Ruefrontenac.com. Lately, they have also begun organizing to publish a free tabloid newspaper to compete with the Journal. Part of the settlement asked that employees halt Ruefrontenac.com‘s operations. “Without this demand,” Leblanc said, “I think the offer might have been accepted.” The offer also stated that just 50 of the 253 employees would return to work, vacation would be slashed, and the workweek would have increased.

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Labour dispute at the Journal de Montreal continues

  1. These employees have been in lock-out how many weeks, or years? Isn't this the same organisation that wants an Anglo TV network license.?
    Is this the right mind set for English Canada, NO WAY.
    Why is the CRTC even allowing this belligerant operation to even submit a proposal?

  2. The union president Leblanc is contradicting himself.

    On the one hand, he says:
    "If we would have accepted this offer, the union would have been totally destroyed"
    and then he says:
    "Without this demand (halting Ruefrontenac.com), I think the offer might have been accepted."

    So apparently he's saying the union cannot exist unless it runs a competing news operation. This has to be the first time in history that a union demands that the employees be allowed to compete against their own company.

    This is a classic example of a union destroying a company and themselves. After two years, the union should just realize they've destroyed themselves and move on with their lives. What a bunch of idiots.

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