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(Lack of) money changes everything

A list of Canwest’s debts gets posted online


It’s no secret Canwest is drowning in debt. But to whom, exactly, does the one-time media behemoth owe money? Just about everyone, according to a list of creditors that was posted online over the weekend. Canwest’s nearly 1,000 outstanding debts include millions owed to production studios, courier companies, and telecommunications providers. But perhaps the most interesting debts are those worth less than $100‹$25.74 owed to the New Style Barber Shop; $96.05 owed to Shaver’s Flowers; $3.47 owed to Scotiabank‹which provides a glimpse at just how tight the company’s finances had become in the lead-up to its restructuring under creditor protection.

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(Lack of) money changes everything

  1. On the upside, a few of those community-based tv stations that Canwest gobbled up in it's heyday now have a chance to get back to their roots, like CHEK on Vancouver Island – the employees and some investors have bought the station and are keeping in on the air.

  2. So who's paying Ipsos Reid for shoveling their analysis? The Conservative Party? The Government? Somebody must be paying because telephone polls are very expensive.

  3. Oh there are some funny ones in here… $24.49 owed to Black Tiger Karate, $842.19 to Gourmet Coffee Specialists LTD, and a whopping $14 million and change to the Canadian Revenue Agency. Lots of other broadcasters owed some as well, including the CBC and over $1.5 million to E!

  4. Ha! Found another good one – $428.04 to Mark Steyn Enterprises (US) Inc.