Lady Gaga to bring death to the stage -

Lady Gaga to bring death to the stage

Singer is in talks with Body Worlds founder about using corpses in show


Singer Lady Gaga has already acted out her own death on stage, and now plans to outdo that performance by including dead bodies in an upcoming show. She is now said to be in talks with scientist Gunther Von Hagens—best known for his Body Worlds—about ways to use his knowledge in her Monster Ball tour. She reportedly asked Gunther to create a set for her shows in Las Vegas for March next year. “She is fascinated by Gunther’s work and life. He grew up in Germany, a country she loves,” a source told British newspaper The Sun. “They’ve spoken over email and it’s gone well. She is keen to have some Body Worlds element in one of her shows, with Vegas being the obvious fit.”

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Lady Gaga to bring death to the stage

  1. Lady Gaga is a DEVIL WORSHIPPER….research the symbols she uses and you will find that they are ALL satanic in origin….of course she wants to perform with dead bodies, what devil worshipper wouldnt? Her fans are starting to dislike alot of her attention whore antics…but I beg any Lady Gaga fan to RESEARCH her symbolism she is deceiving you…it's all about worshipping Satan.

    • Raquelle, you are an idiot.

    • I guess you're not a big KISS or Alice Cooper fan either then?

      • I wasn't around during their time, however in the end I would say it's not a good idea to listen to music that makes light of worshiping Satan. If you're going to believe in God, then certainly Satan is not the one to believe in. Lady Gaga, from what I've seen and heard though, seems to be a bit more "disgusting" in her Satan worship, when compared to groups of the past.

        Those groups were a bit more lighthearted (like partying), though yes, still in the wrong direction… Gaga seems a bit more "intuned" with the actual Satanic teachings though.

        • Sorry, what I mean about "believing in God"… I mean if you believe in the Bible and that it is the Word of God, that Satan is also part of the Word of God. Thus believing in Satan means you acknowledge the Word of God and choose to go against God.

      • One more thing… Alice Cooper is now a born-again Christian.

    • Em, ok crazy lady

    • Satan rocks, oh oh wait… SATAN ISN'T REAL, NEITHER IS GOD. Reject

    • You are correct Raquelle. Lady Gaga is far from wholesome. She is putrid, and also not a very good singer. I can out sing her. Yes she is demonic, and she will die that way unless she changes her life, repent, and bring Jesus Christ into her life. She better do it quickly because after a while she will not be able to do so. There is a time when you get so into Satanism and evil that you can't go back. It becomes a part of you. Lady Gaga is at that stage now, She will meet her demise soon. It is a pity that so many cling to her and make her an idol. I for one want a relationship with Jesus Christ, and not some foolish fantasy.

  2. LOL. I have read all of the lady gaga/Illuminati connections aswell. but seriously…. you can't just believe ANYTHING that is written. Sure she uses the symbolism, but it might not be because she is satanic. Its more then likely just part of her act. I mean common, it works for her. look how insanely popular she is.

    • Anyone of any faith would absolutely not use such symbology in their "acts". Her symbology is clearly in line with that of Satan's.

      It's just ignorance if she's using Satanic symbology to sell her music, but anyone who is good-hearted would not want to spread such a message and as such, by her actions, regardless of what she says she believes (I don't know what she's said), show me where she stands.

      Her music propagates evil, regardless of her intentions.

  3. she is quite boring, just using the same old schtick that has done a million times, alice cooper was doing this stuff forty years ago and we have had madonna and marilyn manson and ozzy osbourne etc gets attention because some squares say they are offended and she gets free press ….the idea of having real dead bodies is sort of a new twist to get press ..i doubt it would ever happen in real but it makes good press

  4. lol worships the devil. youre insane.

  5. Hahaha, I love those "she's a devil worshiper" ignorant comments in all Lady Gaga articles. Also all that stupid Illuminati-brainwash.

  6. Can she do one on stage? For all its other sins, popular culture is surprisingly devoid of necrophelia.

  7. People are outraged because Lady GaGa acts like a rockstar… But she's a popstar. If she was a male rocker (Courtney Love gets the same 'crazy' treatment), there would be no problem.

  8. It's unfortunate that many teenagers consider her to be an icon.

    • It's more unfortunate that you care what she does and what teenagers think of her. Has she done anything on you? Killed your pet dog or pissed on your plants? No? Then avoid her, adn you won't be offended or put out. End of. Sick of the world becoming criminally PC.

      • It is a mistake not to care what youth idolize. "Criminally PC"!? Give me a break. Not everything in this world is tied to politics.

        • The only thing worse than PC is kowtowing to the fairy tales of one religion or another. Whatever GaGa has done or represents is nothing compared to the bloodthirsty slaughter by God depicted in the Bible. Unless the Bible is bullshit. It's interesting to see people tie themselves into pretzels over it.

  9. Just another small step in the race to the bottom. Won't matter when the homo culture reduces birth rates to such that the Muslims will be telling the few caucasians remaining how to behave in 50 or so short years.

  10. Lady GaGa is no lady, she presents herself more as a Whore… Under satanic influence, she is being used to advance the realm of Porn and ritual sex as most in the modern music industry.

    john B

    • She's an attention whore is what she is. And if she shocks and gets us talking, she's accomplished her purpose.
      Ever show has to up the ante….something more extravangant and outrageous to get her noticed…and then she laughs all the way to the bank!
      A satanist? Hardly! Her god is the almighty dollar. And as long as folks keep paying the outrageous ticket prices to see a woman who hides her lack of talent behind costumes, etc. she will keep worshipping her god :money.

  11. Looks like Lady Gaga was being "outgunned" by Hanna Montana in the "media outrage" department so it was time to "up the ante".

  12. Wow really, just because people actually like her and her ways, it doesn't mean that every teenager in the world is going to follow everything she does. I personally don't have any problem with her actions, yes i will admit she is a bit "out there" but as i said before it doesn't mean that every teen is going to follow every step she makes, there is a difference between "follower" and "fan". People just need to realize that teens can make the better judgment (in most cases) and continue on….

  13. I used to like Lady Gaga however the more I find out about her sick twisted mind, my respect is leaving.